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Trim Coating Review



I was able to use the new Adam's Polishes Trim Coating this morning for the first time.  I had a very enjoyable experience with it.


1:  The kit is very nicely done. Including the necessary towels, gloves, cleaners, prep, applicator all in one kit works very well and makes a fairly expensive product much more affordable.


2:  I only have a small amount of dark-grey plastic on the Rocket so I thought I'd start with that. The F150 has a lot more but it will take some timing coordination to deal with the 24-48 hour "time-out" after application. It'll be tough to use this on a car that is needed every day.


3:  The Tire and Rubber Cleaner worked FANTASTIC on the front grill and rear valance trim on the Rocket. It was a lot of work scrubbing the grill but it wasn't very dirty or oxidized - even after 7 years. The look of the trim was noticeably improved, however.  The included utility towels worked great for this step and the next.  (Good job packing TWO!)


4:  The Coating Prep step was very easy on both areas.


5:  I went ahead and masked off some of the adjacent paint at the front grill because the trim is thin there and I didn't want to worry about getting the coating on the paint.  It wasn't necessary on the rear but it sure helped on the front.


6:  The Trim Coating application could not have been simpler.  The applicator is the perfect size. The product drips out of the glass bottle at just the right flow rate. It was very easy to get an even coating on both small/tight and large areas. The plastic looked immediately darker and richer.


7:  The applicator really is a "single-use item". Unless you're doing a couple of cars at the same time you'll probably need to get a new one for each application. We'll see how it looks after it's dried and sat a while.... For those of us that will be using this product only once a year it shouldn't be a problem but if you're going to use it regularly you might want to get several applicators at a time.  Maybe Adam's will sell them in a 3-pack?


8: Overall - very satisfied with this product.  I'll check back again after I've had a chance to apply it to the F150 and we'll see how it performs over time but first impressions are quite positive.


On to the pics!







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