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Pre-Winter Detailing Bender



Winter is fast approaching. I am going under the knife next Wed. with an expected four-week recovery. Today was unbelievably nice. This is a perfect storm for me to FINALLY get the daily prepped for winter!


Here's how it went down:


Double dose of Strip wash w/Adam's Foam Cannon followed by hand wash and rinse.
Clayed w/Visco + Gemming Tool using Detail Spray as lubricant.
Coat of VRT on all rubber and plastic surfaces not getting compounded.
2-stage compound + polish using PCP and PFP, combination of Gen5 and Gen6 pads on a Rupes 15 MkII. My clear is soft enough I did not need the MF pad.
Machine-applied LPS to all painted surfaces.
Coat of Americana on side, top, rear-views, and rear glass.
Glass sealant on outer side of windshield.
Light coat of VRT to remove stray compounding residue off rubber and plastic.
Going to add a coat of Americana + Brilliant Glaze tomorrow.
I got the paint to about 95% good here. Happy with that, for sure.
Here are some crappy phone snaps for your enjoyment.

20161030 011752265 IOS

I hadn't done the glass at this point.

20161030 011803574 IOS

That's not dust...that's how much metal flake is in my paint! Luckily, the love marks the neighborhood cat put on the hood came out no problem.

20161030 011818940 IOS

Even the roof came out nice.

20161030 011841311 IOS

There's ice-cold beer in that there fridge, just waiting for me to be finished.

20161030 011850839 IOS

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