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Another Odor Neutralizer Review (and request)

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I have to say, I'm very impressed by this product. The Odor Neutralizer (ON) is, simply put, effective.


I ordered two 16oz bottles as soon as they were released. I considered the 4oz option, but just felt like it was a tad expensive per oz. for my liking. I ended up trying these out in my house first. I had two tests:


#1) The wife test. I always show her how good all Adam's products smell (save a few *cough* wheel cleaner *cough*). She is always amazed. When I told her I had the new ON, she was initially worried that it would "cover up" the bad smells with a much stronger, perhaps more pleasant, smell. When I opened the bottle and had her smell it, she instantly was surprised that the smell wasn't crazy strong. In fact, before testing it she said she wanted to start using it around the house simply because it smelled nice and fresh.


#2) The actual odor test. Given that it was around Halloween, we had some pumpkins in the house that had, lets just say, gone horribly bad. The smell was putrid and I was quite concerned I would have to live with the smell for quite some time even after removing the pumpkins. So I figured this would be a perfect test for the ON. I sprayed two-three full pulls of the trigger into the room. I then sprayed one or two more directly to where the pumpkins had been. Admittedly I believe this was too much as the smell of the ON was a little strong for the first 10 minutes. However, the putrid rotten pumpkin smell was GONE and after those first 10 minutes or so, the ON smell was barely noticeable. COMPLETELY. And furthermore, it has never returned.


My wife couldn't believe it and immediately stole one of my 16oz bottles to keep in the house. I've since used it in her car, and mine and the results are the same. It's removed all sorts of smells from an oily vapor smell in the air, to dirty diapers. Adams truly nailed this product.


My ONE request....



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The smell is really strong to me. I like the product. When I spray it, I just leave the area for a little while. It certainly works well though.

It was strong to me when I sprayed a decent amount. I tried it again in another room and only sprayed no more than twice. It wasn't any where near as strong and the smell dissipated relatively quickly along with the bad odors.

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I love mine, I really love the 4oz bottle to keep in vehicles, thou I would honestly like having a 2oz for it as I occasionally forget to bring it in durring the cold.....whoops. 


I love the product, really works great, if you use a bit too much the scent can be a bit strong but dissipates quickly which is great. 


My work truck only smells better when I detail the interior and purposefully overuse some detail spray. 

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I had an incident over the weekend when returning empty beer cans, one fell over and had some "swill" still in it... ugh.. car smelled like a brewery... coming into the Holiday Season with spot checks everywhere, thought this would be a good test of the ON.  Like others stated, pulled the trigger on the bottle maybe once too many times, but wow.. no old beer smell in my car and no need to explain to Officers why my car smells like beer.  Great product and good to remember not to use it excessively.  Next test will be when the wet stinky dog gets in the car after walks in the snow... she can get rank during the winter..so lets give this the ultimate test.  :)

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Things like this really do help us in providing the best products possible to our customers. I will be sure to pass along the requests for a gallon option!


A++ Nice product from my perspective that seems to perform as designed.


I did not purchase the neutralizer to cover up or mask anything specific. More so the thought of a having neutralizing capabilities and knowing likely Adam's would come up with a thoughtful and approachable smelling product similar to the rest of product their line.


Similar to many others, my initial review is that the product is a bit strong. Out of the box the spray definitely appears and smells "diluted" a touch, not full strength but after spraying you realize it is quite strong. As others have suggested, less is more. A partial pull/spray in a few areas of the vehicle as described in the how to video will do the trick, assuming what you are working with isn't overly bearing.


The neutralizer is very effective! I agree that a few fine mists in the vehicle followed by walking away and letting everything settle for a bit makes sense. The smell initially to me comes across fresh but I get a sense and smell of excess soap residue almost. The neutralizer is absolutely not in a fragrance category trying to mask smells. It really is refreshing. Day 2-3 in my opinion after using the neutralizer is the best.


The smell of the neutralizer easily sticks around for 3-5 days plus.. I am focusing a bit more on the actual effects of using the host of great Adam's interior products followed by a few mists of neutralizer. I'm feeling a bit cheated covering up and joining some of the other products smells that we have come to enjoy with neutralizer, but we all know most of the products smells don't hang around as long!


I am adequately satisfied given the purpose of the product and would recommend everyone to give it a try.

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