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Tire and Rubber Cleaner first try, lessons learned....



Thank goodness I have a work truck to try all of these products on first!

Tried it out on tires and worked great. Then decided to try on trim around the windows. Followed instructions, placed on towel and rubbed clean... First thing I noticed was it pulls up ALOT of rubber and decontamination. My towel was instantly black.

Lessons learned... Use an old rag.

I continued all around folding my towel over and over, half way through I noticed my paint was collecting all of the residue!

Lesson learned... Tape around area prior to doing his to protect your paint, and roll down you window if possible!

Total cleaning and VRT was about 5 min, clean up was about 15 minutes with several products, and towels...

Looked great when done!

Hope this helps someone in the future.


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