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Lost a Good Friend


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A good friend, Kirk Beck, died on Wednesday. He was young, about 50, super intelligent, and eternally positive. Incredibly bright, his input was always excellent, and many decisions to bring on a new product, or improve a current formula were based on his input.


We spent the morning last Saturday, when he helped me test new products, and our competitor's. I filmed him demonstrating some new products. He was a truly great guy, one with integrity, and was always there to help.


I was in Portland for the Roadster Show, when I learned that he had taken his own life. It makes me sad as hell, and even a little mad. I think of him constantly, and wish there was a REWIND button on life. I'd take him for a nice road trip, and then


Walking through the airport, it made me want to make eye-contact with everyone, and smile. If there was a single person who felt as sad as Kirk must have on Wednesday morning, and a smile could help turn them around, I sure would like to offer that helpful smile.


If you knew Kirk, the services will be Thursday, and info is here: http://www.ebuildingservice.com/team.php


More info on Kirk from his company website:



"Kirk Beck left this life unexpectedly last Wednesday, March 4th. Kirk was there at eBS's beginning, and many aspects of what the company is today were products of his lively, fertile and inventive nature.


Kirk spent his entire working life in the business of construction and commercial property maintenance. People who worked with him said often that there was nothing he didn’t know about his field. He was capable of anything a tenant or customer asked of him, from a simple upgrade to a major rehabilitation project, such as the conversion of the Tabor Grand in Leadville to housing and retail units.




Before being part of eBS’s start-up, three years ago, Kirk spent 16 years with Colorado and Santa Fe Land Company, a company which specialized in the rehabilitation and renovation of distressed properties. A specialist also in security applications, Kirk enjoyed high-level DOD security clearances, working on extremely sophisticated government security systems, including triple-redundant, never-fail, mission-critical applications for military and defense contractors.


His work was recognized with honors and awards from a variety of sources, including a National Preservation award, a Colorado State Preservation award, and a Stephen H. Hart Preservation award from the Colorado Historical Society.


Kirk was also a devoted family man. He leaves behind his wife, Cindy and family, who deeply mourn his passing. He will be remembered by all of us as a gentle, caring man; a person of great attention to detail, both in the projects he undertook, and in his relationships with coworkers and customers. He had a ready sense of humor and a tireless sense of dedication.


He also had deep interests in other fields than that of his profession: he was an avid bicycle racer in the 70s, and never lost his love of things automotive, particularly sporting and vintage trucks. This latter hobby, which was his passion, would take him all over the country.


Kirk was a driving force in our work team. We miss him terribly, and will always hold him dear in our memory."

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Adam, I am always sorry when someone losses such a close friend and not to mention relatives. As you know, I had issues with a family memeber last year and thanks to my wife and kids, we worked through it and helped save that family member. Prayers and staying positive is what got us through it. My prayers are with you and all the family members.


Take care. Bob

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I can understand your anger Adam. He takes his own life and leaves his family alone... I've seen this before personally...




RIP Kirk and sorry to all his loved ones for his loss.

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Im very sorry Adam I know how that feels first I met his daugter in emt class she was the coolest person I ve ever met she became a police officer in maryland and was killed in the line of duty. i worked for him part time at his liquor store he just couldnt make it and tragically took his own life as well it hurts now a couple of years later but I know how great a guy he was and I carry that forever.

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Adam, you and his family are in our prayers.


Same thing happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. A friend of ours that worked at the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green took his own life. Years ago we went down to the C5/C6 Bash and just happened to meet him at a divey bar. He saw my Corvette hat and struck up a conversation. Every year afterwards, we would meet up. He'd buy me a drink for buying Corvettes, and I'd buy him one for making them. If I was driving thru Bowling Green, I'd stop and take a plant tour - he would always come over and say hello and talk for a short time. While surfing the net to see when the plant was going to start up, I saw his obit. It hit me pretty hard. All of a sudden it puts things back in perspective, doesn't it?

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