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Paint Correction Day


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Florida weather was pretty fantastic today so I was able to get in a Swirl Killer correction.


Just a few words about the SKs, they are a couple of really solid machines. Between the normal and mini, I was able to hit almost everywhere on the 4Runner except the tightest of spaces. They aren't bulky, fit the hand well, and the vibration isn't all that bad.


My 4Runner is in Super White, which is a single stage paint with a clear mixed in. With this being said, while I was correcting, holding up an led close to the paint did show swirls, but I swear I had to close one eye and really focus. The paint almost looked flat up close.. but with 4-5 passes with the SKs and I was able to correct the paint to an almost flawless state. I did run short on time as my fiancee's little sister needed a ride to softball, but I'm happy with the results all the same. 


Of course, no starting pics as I'm always far too eager to jump into the work. My SUV was already clean for the most part, so I cheated and just wiped everything down with Waterless to make sure there was no hidden grit. (I clayed a couple days ago to where the paint was smooth with the baggie test).


After polishing, I did a quick Strip Wash to remove the rest of the polishing oils. After drying, we applied Paint Sealant to the paint and wheels. Throw in some Undercarriage Spray and Tire Shine, and she looks great! Enjoy the pics :)












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All in all, rate your experience with SK. Fine looking truck btw


I would say that it gets the job done. I don't have really much experience with super top dollar polishers, but for the weekend warrior like myself, the SKs are more than enough to get the job done in an efficient manner.  But thank you! I love my 4Runner. 


Looks great Dustin!  Glad to hear that you liked the Swirl Killers!


Thanks Dan!

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