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The magic of APC on Bird Sh$&



Washed a customers truck today and even after extreme soaking of bird bombs using RW, a few of them just refused to come off the paint. Actually many more than a few. I'd say the Rinseless and hose pressure rinse off probably got only half of them. These were the bird bombs with the berry seeds so it has tiny particles of grit. And those damn things stick like friggin magnets to the paint. Enter APC diluted 1:1. Problem solved!!! After the presoak with RW and the full wash using a foam gun, the remaining offenders were treated with a few blasts of the APC and then after about 15-20 seconds, I was able to use the wash mitt to gently escort them off the paint. I,felt like saying Haste la vista mofos, you're TERMINATED! It's amazing how effective this method is. I've never used it before because I typically have been able to dispose of them using Rinseless. APC works like magic for these types of bird bombs. Just thought I'd share this as it seems bird bomb season is upon many of us.

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