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Web site update ?


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Last time they had the 15% sale I didn't realize it was over, I put a order in and it declined the code. I emailed them and they sent me a different code since it was still up on the website. They said that their computer people had not got in yet since there is a difference in time and they had not taken it off yet. 

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That daily deal business is a little annoying but because they only have so man products they'll eventually start repeating in a month and half or so. I've noticed that too, in terms of the sales, I take that as Adam's being generous lol, they usually have a sale going for a while

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The website did have some issues Monday morning and things needed to be reset on the server. 


As far as order confirmation and shipping confirmation email notifications, there are some email providers that occasionally block our ' orders @ adamspolishes dot com' emails, so that may be why you haven't received them lately. I know we were having issues with sbcglobal and hotmail in particular for a while, but you can always check on an order status through the PROFILE link in the upper-right corner of our website as well :)


For the Daily Special, Kyle has been updating it now on weekdays when he can, but he has been traveling fairly often for show events recently. We don't typically update the Daily Special during sales like the Fall17 sale we just finished, and it doesn't update on weekends either.


We did extend the Fall17 sale an extra day past the original deadline, that one wasn't my decision, but I think a lot of people were thankful for that :)

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