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Wheel cleaner...best kitchen cleaning product around!!!



Ok, yes. The wheel cleaner isn’t the best smelling Adams product out there (that is clearly the ceramic boost), but we are mostly aware of how awesome it works on wheels.


But let me bring some of you up to speed on it’s real magic. Went on vacation and had a friend house sit for us. They someone managed to leave quite a few rust stains in my stainless sink. I tried a dozen different things to clean them out to no avail. I was ready to pull out the steel wool and start really having at it when I decided to give the wheel cleaner a shot.


Sprayed it on liberally and I ust like that, the rust turned purple and ran down the drain!!!


My kitchen smells a little funny at the moment, but I’m extatic.


Tomorrow. I order up a gallon!

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On 10/3/2017 at 8:01 PM, TexWalker said:

The liquid.


It is a brushed stainless sink, abrasive materials make me worry about messing up the finish. The wheel cleaner didn’t require any scrubbing, which made me happy. But it’s good to know that barkeeper would have worked

I was bored 1 day & was looking at my brushed, stainless sink. I put a bit of metal polish on a corner & went to work by hand. 2 days into it. my sink looked like a mirror. Perfect reflections. This only lasted about a week, as it returned to it's normal, brushed state. 

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