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  1. Welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledge and great guys here!
  2. I couldn’t pass up on the Jeremy Clarkson ‘not bad’ face.
  3. May the power of the beard and Guinness consume you.
  4. Last picture - I want this to be the one judged.
  5. This is decent too - love the Monaco Blue. Now I just have to decide which one I want to use....
  6. Any suggestions on the best sealant / protectant for a white car?
  7. Have you tried the Garage Sale section of the forum?
  8. Tree fiddy? Split shipping cost? OR if you need it gone (which you say you do) - you could always donate it to my 13 year old. He needs stuff like this so he can detail his quad and other stuff. It is almost Xmas and tis the season for giving.
  9. GiggleMon

    Food Thread

    I do a lot with this mouth, mostly talk **** but ya know same same. You have no idea.
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