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Saying hello from Plano, Texas


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Ever since I got my 2017 SS 1LE Camaro in June, I've been into Adam's Polishes BIG TIME!!!  I freaking love this company and the products you provide... I like it so much that I've thought about trying to sell them.. I recommend them to everyone.. Thank you so much for the high-quality products. :thumbsup:




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Hey there Chris & Jen... thank you for the warm welcome.. and than you for the compliments..

Chris, I'm totally addicted already!!! :drool:  


Most recently I used Detail Spray on the paint/windows, Matte Detailer on the hood, All-Purpose Cleaner on the wheels/exhaust and Tire Shine on the tires. :2thumbs: 


This is actually my first time on a forum so I'm also trying to figure out how it's all done.. any pointers you may have on the shine technique or forum navigation would be received with gratitude. :hi: 

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I know it has been a few months, but I came across your car in doing a search for the Matte products.


The color of your car is amazing!!  You and Adams have it looking great.


I am in the Arlington TX area.  We have a 2018 Dodge Charger, but let me know if you do a cars and coffee or other meet up, I would like to see that in person.



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I may be at Cars & Coffee this weekend.. not 100% sure yet.. In case you may be looking for a family oriented car club check us out... you can drop an email or just let me know and I can give further info as well.. hope to hear from you. :2thumbs::party:



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