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Microfiber Wheel Mitt and Eco Wheel Wash Review

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Wheel wash mitt + eco wheel cleaner makes cleaning wheels easy, less annoying, and overall cuts down on cleaning time. This combo is going to replace the original wheel cleaner and any type of wheel brush in my arsenal.


I've always wanted an easier way to clean wheels. Pristine wheels truly set off a clean car. However I've never been happy with ANY wheel brush I've ever used. They never seem to clean wheels well and unless the wheels are coated in mud, I've never seen a need for them. Therefore my wheel cleaning regimen was:

- Blast with water

- Spray Adams regular wheel cleaner on one wheel and let sit for a minute or two

- Blast cleaner off with water

- Detail entire car

- Come back after tire shine / VRT and use detail spray and a microfiber to finish cleaning the wheels. There was always a left over layer of dust that would require this last step. The microfiber I used would always get VERY dirty.


Enter the new Wheel Wash Mitt and the Eco Wheel Cleaner.

I've always thought this type of mitt (the kind with fingers) was the perfect solution to washing wheels. Especially intricate wheels (like the current BMW M3 wheels... ugh. Gorgeous but a pain to clean). So I was going to purchase the wheel mitt as soon as it was released. The eco wheel cleaner however, I wasn't sure of. The regular wheel cleaner does such an amazing job and just requires a bit of care when using to keep it from harming the finish on most wheels. However since there was a sale and I could pick up the mitt and the eco wheel cleaner for $20 I figured, what the heck.


When they arrived I was pleased by the quality (no surprise) of the wash mitt. It feels sturdy and I'm sure it will clean many wheels with no issues before it ever needs to be replaced. The eco wheel cleaner also had a nice pleasant smell. Doesn't smell like the old cleaner at all, but that made me curious. The regular cleaner does such a good job of breaking down heavy brake dust that I wasn't sure this one would do the job as well. Since I had a few hours this past Friday to clean my 2008 Z51 Corvette it was a perfect opportunity to test it out. This car has the cross drilled brakes and therefore can generate quite a bit of dust. I also hadn't washed the car in a few weeks (which is odd for me but I blame the crappy Northern Virginia weather) so this was going to be a great test for the mitt and eco wheel cleaner.


I started by blasting the wheels with a regular hose (I typically have my pressure washer and foam cannon out but decided not to use it for the sake of time). I then started with one rear wheel and sprayed it thoroughly with the Eco Wheel Cleaner (using the stream setting on the nozzle) I made sure to coat every spoke and the barrel. I then let it sit for a couple minutes. It obviously doesn't turn purple like the regular wheel cleaner but it does foam up well. Then taking the wheel wash mitt, I soaked it in water, squeezed it out, and began to scrub the wheels. This was so satisfyingly easy to do given the fingers and the overall design of the mitt. All of the brake dust just wiped away. However I immediately became concerned with how dirty the mitt was getting. It was only the first wheel and the mitt was already almost completely black. So I tried to wash it off with the hose and was shocked. Everything just rinsed right off/out of the mitt. Perhaps it was the combination of the eco cleaner and the design of the mitt but it cleaned almost completely with just a regular hose nozzle. I then rinsed off the wheel and moved on to the next wheel. I repeated this process on all wheels then stepped back to admire. They looked almost spotless. As clean as the wheels would after my final wipe-down in my normal regimen.


After finishing the car and applying tire shine, I dried the wheels with the blaster. I moved on to the final wiping down of each wheel expecting some residue/dirt to still be remaining on the wheels. I noticed there was significantly LESS dust/dirt/grime left on the wheels compared to using any wheel brush with the original wheel cleaner. I didn't need any detail spray or anything other than a microfiber. That microfiber also didn't get anywhere near as dirty as it would before. I was seriously impressed.

I'm now going to be ordering a gallon of the eco wheel cleaner and keeping it on hand. The regular wheel cleaner has now been relegated to extremely NASTY wheels, or wheels I don't care about as much.


This result has made me think. "Would I want to use the wheel mitt with the original wheel cleaner?" However given how strong that stuff is, I don't want to. The only thing I'm comfortable using with the regular wheel cleaner was a brush as I didn't want to soak my hands in the stuff and I don't think brushes work well overall as they still require a microfiber and detail spray after the initial cleaning. I think the pairing of the eco wheel cleaner and the wash mitt will become the norm for me. Quite impressed overall.

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