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3 hours ago, jaycompton said:

Every time I try and log in I have to reset my password. If I leave the forum and then try to come back in. The message says wrong password .

And make sure you are signing in with your forum user name, not your email address.

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I've been having the same problem, and I found that although the sign-in window specifically says to enter your display name OR email address (both in the normal sign-in window and the error page that pops up telling you that your password is incorrect), it will NOT work with the email address.  It will only work with the display name.  Also, it erroneously suggests that it's your password that is the culprit, when the password is fine, but rather the email address is to blame.  They should edit the sign-in screen to remove the misleading prompt for email address.

2018-11-27 (1).png


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1 hour ago, nutdriver said:

I've been having the same problems as a new user. I was trying to log in using my email address without success. The prompt still indicates that you can use email or your screen name. Once I start using screen name it resolved the problem. 


Sorry for the confusion there @nutdriver You're correct in that for now, the login only works with your username. 

I just messaged someone that can hopefully update the login screen to remove the "or Email Address" wording.

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