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Car Cover Damage



Hi guys, I'm going to detail a car for a family member but it has some damage caused by a car cover while the car was left outside (pictures attached).


I've never dealt with something like this so I'm wondering what the best way to tackle this is?  Should I try and hit these areas with the polisher or would it cause further damage?















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It’s hard to say from the photos. It looks like it’s surface damage and may polish out with some compound and then polish. 


Covers can be brutak. Especially when vehicles are left outside and the wind can get to them. 


Wetsanding is always an option, but I’d try not to get that far if it could be avoided. If the damage is that deep, you may be looking at a repaint, but I don’t think that’s where this would end up. 

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I had one of my buddies put a box on the roof of my car and he slid it off and it created scratches similar to the first and third pics. I managed to get the majority of the scuff marks out with some HCC and CP. The only thing left were some deep scratches that are barely visible to most.  

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