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2018 F150 - Clouds in paint



Hi All -


I have a black 2018 F150. The paint is very brilliant, however when the sun hits it at certain angles, white transparent clouds appear in a few spots on doors and fenders.


Is this a condition that can be fixed with Adams products?  Any ideas on what is happening - what these clouds/blemishes are?  Is it defective paint or

something minor?


Please offer your suggestions or directions.


Thank you !

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Without some pictures it is hard to guess at the source of the problem, could be simple holograms as suggested above or could be as bad as clearcoat failure. Being a new truck that is not likely. It is possible that it is showing some sort of defect that is below in the finish, but with no mention of a repair possibly not. Could be wax built up, but I think that would likely be more uniform than spotty.


My initial thought is holograms (like mc2chill) from being poorly polished at some point, possibly even while still on the dealer lot. 

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