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Hello from Arizona!


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I recently went to Barrett Jackson and after recently purchasing two new vehicles, I figured it was a good time to get the proper equipment for cleaning it often. I have a 2018 Ram Rebel with the Granite Grey and I also have a 2016 Challenger Scat Pack in B5 blue.


I currently love the foam gun set up with the Ultra Foam Shampoo, HGG, and all the chemicals as well for breaking down the grit in the wheel wells and the wheels as well. VRT is also my new friend for my Roof Top Tent cover and bedlinen as well.


Got hooked up at the BJ show with a bunch of micro fiber towels and drying towels. Just recently ordered the ceramic spray and ceramic boost as well.


Wishing I got into this a while ago to collect some of those cool bottles that have released in the past.


- Steve

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I can post some when I get home later. Not able to post pictures with me logged into a VPN at work!


Forgot to mention, I am in Phoenix and often travel to Flagstaff for extended weekends in the truck.


- Steve

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