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Did I just burn my clear coat?



Hey guys! I think I may have just burned a small area of my clear coat on a 2019 F150. I applied a ceramic coat to the vehicle the day I purchased it from the showroom. And today it got a small scratch. So I took out the three step paint correction products, blue, orange, then white using a 5.5 pad. Surely I managed to remove the scratches but noticed near the end and outside of the pad a foggy patch leftover. Any ideas? Did I just burn through the clear coat? Should I just take it to a shop at this point? 




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There's a chance there's polish residue there. Wipe the area down thoroughly with Surface Prep, or Isopropyl Alcohol to see if you can remove it. There may be no color transfer onto any of the pads depending if you've gone completely through or not. How deep was the scratch, could you catch it with your fingernail?

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