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Hi Big John, and welcome to the forum! We offer a full ceramic line of products, several of which would be good companion products to your coated vehicle.

  • Adam's Ceramic Boost is a maintenance spray that we recommend to use once per month with our ceramic coating. It will refresh the hydrophobic water repelling properties of the coating, while adding more slickness and shine. It is applied to a clean, dry paint surface.
  • Our Ceramic Waterless is a waterless wash spray, infused with some SiO2 ceramic protection. It can be used to remove dust and light dirt with our Waterless Wash Waffle Weave Towels.
  • Adam's CS3 is our newest ceramic-infused product offering. CS3 stands for Ceramic Spray - (1) Clean, (2) Shine, (3) Protect. It has the cleaning power of Ceramic Waterless, the gloss and shine of our Detail Spray or Brilliant Glaze, and the protection of Ceramic Boost all into one product. It's easier to apply than Ceramic Boost as well in my opinion, especially on darker colored vehicles, where Ceramic Boost can sometimes streak if too much product is used.
  • Lastly, Wash + Coat is a ceramic-infused concentrated soap used for a normal Two Bucket Wash, Foam Cannon with a pressure washer, or Foam Gun. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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