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Metal polishing with Micro Polisher

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Hey guys,  was wondering your thoughts on metal polishing using the micro polisher and what pads would be advisable to use as well. I’m also assuming that one would use the rotary adaptor? I just got a new polished aluminum radiator for the fox body and have extremely limited time with the newborn so that would definitely speed up the process. 😝Thanks for your help!

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Hi Steve,

I have a battery operated variable speed Dremel that allows me to use tiny felt pads to go around the bolts and other tiny parts on the motorcycles.   I buy them in bulk since it is not unusual to shred one or two on a single bolt.  There is no way to go around the bolts by hand, so you have to use some type of machine.   For the larger parts, like side covers, I do them entirely by hand.  


Based on the experience with the Demel for the bolts and other hard to reach areas, I don't see any reason why you couldn't use one of the Adam's polishers.  The one thing that I would recommend is to use a soft pad.  This is based from my use of borderless gray or felt pads when I'm using the metal polishes.  My biggest concern is a scratch on the chrome since the only fix is a re-chrome and that gets expensive quickly.


I have not looked into ultra soft or felt based pads for the polishers, so hopefully some others will respond with their experiences. 

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