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Extremely excited


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Well guys finally got info on when I get to go home and be with my family again. Lets just say I can start counting days and am happy about it. Should be home sometime next month. Can't give dates out for obvious reasons but I will be home next month WOOHOO. I get to see my baby girl and wife. Only down side is it's gonna be really cold going from 100+ temps to possibly -teens :(. Sorry so long winded just thought I would share as I am stoked and extremely happy.:banana::willy:

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Terrific news, thank God you're safe and soon to be home. Thank you greatly for your service, you deserve to be with your family and enjoy everything. Stay safe. :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot: :patriot:


WHAT HE SAID :patriot:


You are a GENUINE AMERICAN HERO :patriot:

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