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Bloomington Gold 2008

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I've been to several Corvette shows over the years, but Bloomington Gold has always, and still is, my favorite. It was good to meet you, Jason, last year and am already looking forward to 2009. That storm was wicked and was very weird. It seemed to come out of nowhere and was over before you knew it. At least you weren't the only ones with a mess. As you know, there was stuff strewn everywhere. At least no one got hurt and there was no car damage that I heard of. See you again in June!!

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Wow! Those storm pictures look like Carlisle last year. Looks like a nice show. :thumbsup:

No way man, Carlisle looked like a bomb had gone off last year.


I would love to be able to go to Bloomington at least once, it looks like a blast.




I wish the table in my garage looked like that :drool:

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All those products just laying there on the ground. :drool::drool::drool:


The best moment of all was when all the customer's we had helped over the weekend ran over to us and we had over 50 people help put us back together. The Corsa guys ran over to make sure we got all the cars out of our booth ok and then tried their best to hold our tables on the ground before the wind lifted them away. People brought us water, umbrellas, and took our cell phone numbers down so they could call us later and make sure we had everything fixed and ready for the next day.


We had a customer donate his enclosed trailer overnight so we could put all our product that survived in a safe place. Another volunteered to take our table covers and other fabric show materials home, wash them, then mail them to our warehouse after the show. At 5am another friend we made met us and helped us build a makeshift booth and even helped the rest of the day and into the evening build makeshift pallets so we could ship our damaged canopy and tables back to California.


All in all you may think that you stick with us because of our customer service, but we stick with you because of the quality of the customer.

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