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Did some detailing today and spoke to adam



Well today I finally had a day to detail the truck, it was painted early this summer and i couldnt wax it until atleast the end of september beginning of october. I was planning on doing it last weekend but but we had four days of rain so that went out the window so i heard the weather report was gonna be 70s and sunny so i took today off and well i started at around 11 am and finished sometime around 9 or so. Since the paint is relatively fresh there were some swirls but more holograms from the body shop when he wet sanded and buffed. Not sure how well it worked yet because of the fact it got dark but from inside it looked good lol I will post pics as soon as im down downloading. I also sent a text message to Adam to ask him a question well being the man he is he called me in like 2 minutes kinda surprised me actually. But anyway I told him about Etown and some things going on with the detail I had a few questions for him and he took the time to answer all my questions. I told him this is why i dont mind spending money with him because of the customer service. Now on to the pics lets see i got alot of them so ill post them in a few.:patriot:

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Right on Dan!! Great talking to you today, and thanks for the call brother! So, your truck looks fantastic! I'd even say that your shine looks as good as Junkman's Shine! :lol:


Great photos as well...... Have a great weekend Dan, and I'm out the door to California for the weekend:rockon:

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