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Suggestions for GWC



As some of you might recall, my wheels have an unusual finish to them, and soap and water has always done the trick. However, I recently ordered the Fender Well Brush, and it came with a free bottle of GWC. I then placed an order for the Boar's Hair Wheel Brush, which also comes with GWC. I talked to Ashley about this, and she was gracious enough to swap out the GWC with some Undercarriage Spray. Thanks Ashley.:2thumbs: After telling her about my wheels, she recommended just using DS to wipe them down or dilute APC if they have alot of brake dust. Therefore, I really don't have any desire to take the GWC to my wheels. Having said all that, I still have a full bottle of GWC that's getting no use. Any suggestions on what I can do with this? I'm guessing it's a degreaser similar to APC. Could I use it to clean the fender wells like I do with APC? I'd hate to see it go to waste.

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You can easily dilute GWC just like APC to clean your wheels, what is the surface of your wheels?


Lots of good ideas. Thanks for all the responses. Shane, my wheels are a Nissan color called Hyper silver. The color starts off with a glossy black, then the Hyper silver is achieved by a mixture that's about 85% clear until the desired silver color is reached. Therefore, they don't have a true clear coat on them, which makes them rather sensitive to any cleaners.

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