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The Adam's Turkey Thread!

Team Adam's

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So let's talk Turkey!


Biggest Turkey wins a $10 Adam's gift card I am personally sponsoring!


Forum Member        Turkey Size (in pounds)
MarylandVette       24.51
Rich                20.61
Babyfer             19.87
Jason@Adams         19.55
73VetteGirl         19.46



(If you are a vegetarian or member of any other alternative protein diet we greatly respect your choice.)

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I think photo proof should be required. And remember, peeps, Detail Spray has many uses, but turkey basting is not one of them. :D




but it all smells soooo good, might add some yummy flava ;)


and Jason.. that's a big turkey.. are YOU cooking it though??

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I had to re-read the thread title. I thought it said "Adam's a turkey". :lolsmack:




I actually have two turkeys in the freezer right now. One is close to 13 lbs. but the other one is over 20. Will post a pic once I get a chance.


And no fair going to the grocery store and snapping a pic of one in their freezer!! :lolsmack:

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Well I went and bought a frozen Butterball Turkey. 19.46 pounds. I couldn't find one any bigger than that.


I have had a request to oven roast a turkey and also deep fry one too. So since I also get a turkey from work...I will pop that one in the deep fryer.


How are you going to cook your turkey???






Looks like Jason could win this contest!!!


turkey.gifLets see if I can go over Bandwidth...:willy::willy:

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Finally got a couple of pics.


I actually have four turkeys in the freezer




The biggest one is 20.61 lbs.




But if you add all four turkeys together it comes to 59.61 lbs.:D

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