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New guy from Pittsburgh, PA.


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Hello everyone,


My name is Josh and i'm a satisfied Adam's customer. I came here to share my expereinces and learn from other's on this forum, but i also came to say how much i like the guys at Adam's. I want to share this story with you all:


I'm a long time Zaino customer but my friend (Jeff) is a faithful Adam's customer and I've recently tried your quick detailer spray that I purchased from the Carlisle All GM Nationals. I'm pleased with it I must say. My friend (Jeff, the faithful Adam's customer) placed an order with Adam's for some In&Out spray, but it was delayed due to a shipping error (not the fault of Adam's). Jason from Adam's shipped my friend (Jeff, the faithful Adam's customer) his own persoanl bottle of In&Out spray just so my friend would have it for this show we were going to the upcoming weekend. Prior to the show, Jeff gave me some of his Adam's spray glaze to use on my truck. To make a long story short, Jeff and I both received trophies at that show, which was a very big deal to us since there was some very stiff competition. I also want to note that the glaze made my paint shine like I've never seen before, noticeably more so than with any Zaino product I've used. I'm very impressed with the level of service you provided Jeff even though the shipping mishap on the products he ordered was not your fault, you went above and beyond by sending him your own personal stash of detailing supplies. That to me is priceless.



That is my story and i share it all the time with anyone who will listen. Since then, i still use Zaino products, but i now use Adam's products as well. What is the point of my story? Well, no point really, just want to share my feelings towards Adam's Polishes company.


Enough of the talking, here are some pics:






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Hi Josh,


Welcome to the site! Thank you for taking the time to write up that story. That is how we like to do business!


Also, great pictures! The truck looks awesome.


If there is anything else you need in the future, please ask as we are more than happy to help.



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