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Hey Y'All from Savannah


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I have been detailing for a couple of years and I enter my "rig" in local shows. I have been a loyal customer for another company, until another show contestant introduced me to the detail spray. I was impressed to say the least! Anyway, after the show, he gave me a sample of the machine wax. All I can say is..... WOW!!


To bad it rained ALL day


Here are some pics (engine pics are BEFORE the Adam's detail spray)








and any advice on a product to keep my non-clearcoated polished aluminum wheels looking like this?






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Welcome to the forum!

To keep your wheels looking good, first clean them real well with the All Purpose Cleaner diluted ........ half water/half cleaner. Once they're clean, shine them up with the Brilliant Spray Glaze and keep them maintained between cleanings with Detail Spray. :thumbsup:

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