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  1. Would you guys say there is enough in the kit to do two large trucks?
  2. kstateskier

    Liquid Paint Sealant stand alone

    I frequently only run 2 coats of LPS on my everyday driver (Tundra). I'm getting about 6-7 months of beading protection out of a double application. The Machine super sealant is probably the most durable LS I've used to date. My jar of Americana just sits in the cabinet now all lonely like!
  3. kstateskier

    Is this taking wheel cleaning too far?

    No such thing as "taking it too far" when it comes to detailing and wheels!
  4. kstateskier

    Tesla major correction

    OH MY GOD. If someone swirled my paint like that I would pop my cork.
  5. kstateskier

    Machine super sealant..no beeds?

    So what you're saying is MSS actually repels all liquids! BRILLIANT!
  6. kstateskier

    New 2-Step Paint Correction System Discussion

    Yep I agree - when I work on other panels I'll try the finishing polish with the white foam pad and see how it finishes out, and if its still got a haze I'll continue to finish out with the Menzerna and an LC finishing pad.
  7. kstateskier

    New 2-Step Paint Correction System Discussion

    So I just picked up the new polish system and I must say I'm kinda disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high but I felt like after the orange and white I still had a slight haze to my paint. I even taped off my hood (two parts) so i could compare the current condition to the freshly polished and it was noticeably hazy on the new polish side. The other side was 5 months since my last M205 on an Orange finished with an Ultima PPP. That being said the new polishes/microfiber pads took out some of my washing/drying DD damage from the past months but it took a pass with Menzerna 4000SF on an LC Finish pad to really bring out the complete shine with no haze. Maybe I didn't work it long enough but I doubt it. I didn't try and finish the polish with one of the all foam Adams pads (which maybe my paint will need that rather than the microfibers in order to finish nice and glossy??) I'll try that on another panel and see what my results are. OK enough about that, I did like the low dusting the new polishes bring to the table. M105 dusts awful but its hard to argue with its results. In addition this was my first application with the Machine Super Sealant, and I must say its application, haze time and then removal was IMPRESSIVE! Paint is super glossy, super smooth and slick! Looking forward to topping it with some Americana. Will post pics later.
  8. kstateskier

    New 2-Step Paint Correction System Discussion

    There a re still green pads available in the clearance section...
  9. kstateskier

    Do you polish the roof? (SUV/Trucks)

    I always do my roof because otherwise it eats at me, but that doesn't mean I like doing it! Since I drive a truck is easy to do standing in the bed.
  10. Dropping 105/205 would be a nice change. the 105 dusts so bad I have to use sheets to keep it off areas of the truck already done and wheels/tires I don't want polish dust all over.
  11. kstateskier

    First Impression of Adams

    Welcome from KC, I'm new too!
  12. A few more photos of the truck. This was my first "Full" paint correction that I've ever done. Steps were M105, Adams Green Pad M205 Adams Green M205 Adams Orange Ultima PPP white pad Ultima PSP hand applied (24 hour cure) Americana (24 hour cure) Americana
  13. Hey there adams people. Like the title says I'm not new to Adams products but I am new to this forum. Discovered Adam's polishes and Americana over a year ago when I moved to San Antonio and got hooked up with the local dealer Jason Toscano. Super good dude - has always taken care of my detailing addiction (er needs!)... Now due to work I've been relocated back to my hometown of Kansas City! My weapons of choice are the PC DA, a mix of Adams and Lake Country Pads, M105, M205, Menzerna 4000, PowerLock, Ultima PPP, and Ultima PSP, Adams Glazes, Americana Wax, detail sprays, Super VRT (Love this stuff), In and Out spray, Super Softs, Adams new wheel cleaner (wow!) and this weekend going to try and lay down a coat of Adams Machine Sealant! My vehicles where I direct all my addiction to are a 2007 Tundra 5.7 in Black! and an 04 4Runner in Silver. Attached a few pics of my handy work courtesy of some of Adams Products! Looking forward to picking up some new knowledge and sharing some of my own!