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  1. I use Americana wax on top of paint sealant or I use Adams patriot wax or use something with sio2 in it
  2. Hey rich nice seeing you had a great time like you said Adam is a class act next year going to try that steak dinner and those c8’s beautiful cars well Carlisle is over you know what’s around the corner I don’t want to say it but ⛄️ See you next year had a blast
  3. Yeah rich that’s the downfall of this event every year 😞
  4. Yeah rich doing the same fingers and toes crossed no rain
  5. It took three times with Adams tire and rubber cleaner I did use P&s brake buster for the tire with one pass my opinion that product didn’t do anything to clean the tire
  6. Thanks quite a few hours of work but it’s done
  7. None whatsoever except right around the windshield washer squirters
  8. Well here they are decontamination paint correction paint sealer Adams Americana wax rubber restorer complete detail in and out
  9. No it doesn’t have any rust the water lays flat it doses have swirls I just did the interior which came out great but the paint I have hours of paint correction didn’t wash it yet and decontaminate it will post pictures when I finish it
  10. I ceramic coated this car with Adams paint coating around two years ago I don’t think it was ever taken care of I got it back and there is no protection on it at all is that normal wear what is the life expectancy of the coating it needs a ton of work on it paint correction trim restoration
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