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  1. Yeah me to reserved last year before I left
  2. Yikes sorry about that in New York 84 today
  3. Whoa I didn’t even get in my pool yet and after that fall is around the corner
  4. It’s really just a wax on steroids so I would think a good strip wax would be sufficient if the car has to be corrected then use a machine but first clay where necessary
  5. Preped the car and used adams new spray on ceramic paint coating coated windows with glass sealer and used tire armor
  6. I know what you mean y backyard is also a swamp let’s all hope for a somewhat a normal spring and summer
  7. Congratulations to the adam and the Adams family I’m glad I came across your business I had bought my first corvette and did not know what to get to polish my car and went on the corvette museum to order a few products they were out of a few products so I called your company spoke to Ben and here in am 5-6 years in and really love your products and the customer service is ever so better if that was possible keep it up congratulations again for the next 19 years
  8. I would use adams new spray wax for gloss and protection for a topper s
  9. 53 days till spring 🌴🌸
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