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  1. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Theres nothing wrong with Ramen noodles! 😳🤪😝
  2. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Everyone needs a little moo moo in their life lol 😝
  3. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Okay here is last nights, maybe he’ll eat this one!?!?
  4. ocdrifter

    Rupes Nano I-Brid shortneck kit (ON HOLD)

    You could always buy the KXK dynamics pad punch set and make your own pads and save some money.
  5. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    In case your hungry Chris 🤪
  6. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    I guess your lunch wasn’t that good!?!?🤪
  7. ocdrifter

    Can anyone tell me what this was?

    This collection belongs to a guy named Jeff he one of Matt’s friends and he gets everything through his Adams connection before anyone else does.
  8. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Some times you need a little Fuego in your life 🔥🤓
  9. ocdrifter

    golf clubs for trade for adams

    The putter was the best part of this set🤨
  10. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Let yor imagination run the kitchen
  11. ocdrifter

    Adam’s Waxes

    Are you 👀 my for the orange Halloween bucket or red wash bucket?
  12. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    I loaded up the que last night for wrap it up Wednesday, some killer carne Asada
  13. ocdrifter

    Garage Sale forum is on probation

    What’s wrong with you people 🤪🤓💯💯💯 ruining a good thing!?!?
  14. What country do you live in? If you are in the USA, go to Costco, they have small clear containers in three packs on sale right now they have two different sizes available that can work for your needs.
  15. I can help you with that, all the sizes you want and need. https://www.containerstore.com/s/garage/storage-bags-boxes/12