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  1. Detailing Service

    In my area I get $40.00 to start and it goes up from there. I select my clients and I also have a rule, if you never have taken good care of your care, neither will I. Most of my clients have been with me for over thirteen years and I also get many referrals from them. I also fly over to Idaho a couple times a year and have clients there too.
  2. Food Thread

    I guess this time it really happened, now I want dessert lol
  3. If you were on top of your "A" game you would know that a member of this forum by the name of josh was so upset that he was going to make his small bucket into a flower bucket, he was so mad he left the forum but that did not last long lol Adams offers a nice little water holder made out of stainless steel, just add water. 🤦🏼‍♂️😜
  4. Holiday Wish List - Just For Fun

    🧐I was just wIting for the black friyay stuff to drop! 🤪
  5. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Don’t you people read, it’s a teaser to get your interest goes on sale Monday!
  6. Holiday Wish List - Just For Fun

    1. The new Adams Plush Blanket 2. Patriot Wax 3. A set of all the brushes to hang on my wall
  7. Adam's clothing

    F the clothing I want another blanket...🤭
  8. Food Thread

    Lenore, sound delicious, you know the rules, per chief Chris, without a picture it didn’t happen 😢
  9. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Just buy One and hush up, you can play hide and go seek with the alligators and what not 🤪😉
  10. Adam's clothing

    Thats the best one out so far rich, it’s my fave.
  11. Adam's clothing

    Lol I didn’t realize people ran around town wear sweat pants maybe they can make yoga pants for the ladies i dont wear wear hats because I do want to go bald!
  12. Looking for CUC

    What exactly do theses initials stand for Chris?
  13. Food Thread

    🧐 🤭
  14. New member

    Welcome to the forum Andy.