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  1. ocdrifter

    eBay DS

    Yes sir!
  2. ocdrifter

    eBay DS

    Empty bottles have been going for $40.00 plus
  3. ocdrifter

    Blown Transmission

    I felt bad for a second and then I read the word Miata by Mazda, I’ll keep the chick car jokes to my self ??
  4. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    I heart coffee cake and this combo I could only imagine it’s to die for!
  5. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

  6. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

  7. ocdrifter

    What did you do today?

    I have the blanket someone sent it to me when I was dying last year lol but fortunately I’m still here but some may say otherwise? what I can say of the blanket it is plush but for the price point I have a microfiber blanket from Costco it’s was less than $20.00 and it feels the same to me. Never the less it’s very nice to have. I’m really not a blanket person I use it as my pillow lol. The blanket I liked ever better was the black throw blanket they sold now that’s a choice throw to have.
  8. ocdrifter

    What did you do today?

    Haha I’m addictive to microfiber towels and wash mitts lol I even have some original microfiber towels when they first hit the market!
  9. ocdrifter

    What did you do today?

    I use them for my auto detailing shop
  10. ocdrifter

    What did you do today?

    I guess we all have never ending towels! These are only half the towels I have and yes I have at least 100 Adams plush too
  11. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Honestly if it didn’t I’d probably would have been fired years ago ?
  12. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Monday night football has its perks with homemade pizza
  13. ocdrifter

    What did you do today?

    Mybe it’s time to trade in the little Ms. for a newer model that will do as she’s told ?
  14. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Theres nothing wrong with Ramen noodles! ???
  15. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    Everyone needs a little moo moo in their life lol ?