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  1. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    I’ll just leave this right here!
  2. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    When the line backs up for the pizza stones 😳
  3. My clubs of choice are a pair of used Ping Eye golf clubs that I bought from someone trying to pawn them. 😝 I do need a new putter so if I can get a Scotty Cameron putter on a deal I’ll splurge for one lol... About 20 years ago I wanted to learn to play golf, at the time I had a friends brother that wanted to learn a second language. So we helped each other out because he knew I was tri-lingual and he was a great golfer we basically taught each other. It was the best summer I had because the kids mom had a membership to a golf club and she paid for all the rounds of golf because he need to practice for the high school golf team. Long story short he is now fluent in speaking Spanish and his blond hair and blue eyes always would work to out advantage because we would dine in restaurants and usually the waitresses would come the food because of his ability to speak Spaish. Back to golf, I find it boring to watch it on tv but I enjoy playing the game. My favorite course that I played was in La Quinta and in at the Indian Wells country club both located in California. I won a golfing bet against a good friend that grew up playinggolf since he was a young lad and he only golfed at the Santa Ana Country Club which is a very posh club until I got there. Ive never had a hole in one I was robbed of one once, the ball rolled very close to the cup but because someone had damaged the green the ball stopped short of the cup within the lip of the cup. i golf weekly for fun and there is a course close to my house. It’s very hilly so I usually have to cart the course. the best golf game I had played in was for my good friends brothers birthday, they destroyed two of the golf carts in a freak accident, one rolled down the embankment and the other one slammed into a tunnel. Those were costly mistakes lol.
  4. Damn bro so much negativity I’m the only rogue cowboy around here! 

    1. jakerodz7


      I don’t consider it negativity, just stating the facts that many others won’t, or have already left over.

  5. You Madame are bad ***! By any chance do you have a sister😳🤪
  6. It came out a few weeks ago for the Adams Canadian web site sales it’s all over ebay highly over priced.
  7. ocdrifter

    eBay DS

    Empty bottles have been going for $40.00 plus
  8. I felt bad for a second and then I read the word Miata by Mazda, I’ll keep the chick car jokes to my self ??
  9. ocdrifter

    Food Thread

    I heart coffee cake and this combo I could only imagine it’s to die for!
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