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  1. Thanks for the info . I am wondering if it smells like the color changing detail spray release then. Awesome
  2. Has anyone gotten their detail spray yet? if so what does it smell like? My order still hasn't been fulfilled so I don't know that I can wait to get mine lol, thanks!
  3. That has worked better for me as far as avoiding streaks. I actually go a step further and spray it on a MF applicator, spread into a panel or half panel (for the bigger ones) at a time, and then buff away with a MF towel.
  4. I would agree with that being a benefit as well, I have not had CWW streak personally but then again it would be hard to see on my white car. I will have to try it on my tc and see if I get some streaking. Yes boost is great and all but I definitely quickly learned to not use the spray and wipe application method.
  5. I was finally able to do a direct comparison between CWW vs CS3 on my hood and I would have to say CS3 is slightly more slick when using and the paint did feel slightly more slick after drying. We got some rain and they both bead and sheet water about the same. Hope this helps, I honestly do not think you would go wrong with either one.
  6. No worries, I wish the CWW was $40 for a gallon, I would buy a couple gallons for sure! Got my BOGO order which included CS3 today. If I can I will use both the CS3 and CWW on the hood of my car today and share my thoughts on which one performed better. CS3 smells amazing!
  7. If you buy them in gallon increments they are actually equally priced. The half gallon (64 oz) bottle of CWW is $40, the gallon (128 oz) of CS3 is $80. I think it would come down more to which you prefer to use at that point.
  8. Hey Juan, I do have the PF22, I love it for the most part, but the tip over issue is annoying. I did see that they released a new bottle to fix the issue and am considering that as well. I also don't like the inability to really mix the contents well, I've got some really viscous soaps I like to use in there and I always feel like no matter how much I shake they do not mix well enough. Still maybe I will just get the new bottle. Thanks for that option as well.
  9. Maybe I will just stick to the PF22 then and play it safe. I just like how this would make it much easier to mix the soap in with the water and also how it will not have the tip over problem I really don't about the PF22.
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