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  1. Ultra plush plus Detail spray to dry in between G&G makes things super easy. I've tried a handful of other 'drying aids' from other brands this spring/summer and nothing is easier/faster for a streak free/water spot free maintenance wash. I've also tried a handful of other spray sealants and G&G still shines the best. And this is the old formula! I still have another 16oz bottle of the old before I can get some of the new version.
  2. The new site is pretty easy to navigate and much more mobile friendly. Actually easier on mobile now. Only gripe is if I am viewing on a 1080p standard desktop monitor there is zero 'above-the-fold' content. At first I thought I was on a broken page. Not a website design expert by any means but forcing users to scroll when there's no call to action to scroll is a no-no. If on Mobile I can see the products right away.
  3. Yep, the 4 dots as described on the bottle I can machine seal the car and touch up small spots by hand quickly, less than 30 minutes. My question is is there any benefit to leaving LPS on longer? I'm coming from using Menzerna powerlock where I'd leave it overnight. But I've noticed if I leave LPS it's just harder to remove but I'm wondering if there's any added protection with that.
  4. I used Spray Wax on my weekender before putting into storage for the winter (e36 M3) and have to say it went on much slicker than Detail Spray does and a towel flip/buff after initial wipe. The car had 2 coats of Americana about 500 miles before being put into storage and about 2 washes and a few rounds of Waterless wash touch ups. It didn't see any weather after the Spray Wax but the level of shine I thought brought back a good amount of the 'pop' I get from Americana. It was also very difficult to get the car cover on the car after applying because it kept sliding off trying to do it myself. Had to enlist a helper. 😀 I can report back how it's holding up and in weather in March when she comes out of hibernation as I'll be getting it ready for it's annual 2K mile road trip to the Smoky mountains and I usually don't do the 'full' detail until right before the trip 2nd weekend of April.
  5. Looks great! VWs have pretty 'soft' paint, I've noticed especially the red and the Mk7 generation. We have a red 2017 Alltrack with about 26k miles that's my Wife's ride. I've found that after trying Adam's One step polish it'll get out 95% of defects on this paint. Then I touch up deeper stuff with a heavier cut and blend back with one step. Whereas it's more like 75-80% on other vehicles I've tried it on (Infiniti Q50s & Porsche Cayman; Friends cars). The Americana gives great shine (as does the Brilliant Glaze). I use both on my weekender (E36 M3). But longevity isn't great when I tried a coat on my DD (2017 GTI). The paint sealant we get a good 6 months out of with H20G&G about once a month as a paint sealant booster. VRT as you used works great on all the cladding the Alltrack has and will last all winter. Here's ours (on winter wheels) after winter prep. Enjoy the Alltrack. Just make sure to remove the rear spider traps for the pano roof! If you need more info check the pinned post on the FB Alltrack group or PM me.
  6. I'll add my review here as well. 2017 VW GTI with ~16k miles. Sealed before the heaviest part of winter here in Chicagoland back in early December and saw probably 8-12 Automatic car washes. There are no good touchless places around here so I'd rather keep the salt off and worry about getting some swirls out later. I had been searching for an easier solution than some of the other products that I've used in the past where you had to prime pads and generally a lot of work for my daily driver. I'd rather be spending time with my weekend car! The One Step polish with the blue pad seemed to work best and took out all of the swirls in the paint. I didn't try my MF pad as the swirls weren't too bad and the orange I had to work longer than the blue. When I bought this I didn't even realize it had sealing properties as well but just by feel of the paint after doing the one step polish does not feel as sealed as when using other stuff so I'll be following up with LPS tonight. I tried one step on my 1999 BMW M3 as well and it didn't like it as much and didn't get out really any imperfections, but 20 year old paint is way different than todays stuff. Additionally any imperfections on the M3 left are probably too deep for something like this. I think for newer clearcoat for cars that have light imperfections I'd be hard pressed to find something easier than the One Step Polish. Since you use so little (and they are not kidding when they say less is more on the bottle) pad cleanup was super easy and so is removal from the car. 2 single soft equivalent towels were plenty for the whole car.
  7. I used the IK Sprayer last night with Strip wash to take off a coat of buttery wax so I could try a new Brilliant Glaze/Americana Wax combo on my weekender. Worked great! Was able to get it done in my garage (Since the weather is still terrible here in IL) and very minimal water use that was easily cleaned up with my mop. I filled about halfway with water and 2oz of strip wash and a little more strip wash in a bucket and a MF washing pad. The level of foam from the IK sprayer is pretty crazy. Since I wasn't doing the windows or wheels I had plenty of use from that to do the whole car. I almost want to ditch my foam gun and just use this for now on with soaps. However I like the idea of using the IK with wheel cleaner so maybe I just need to buy more IK foamers
  8. Hey everyone, figured I'd pop in and say hi. Longtime detailing nut after years under my dad's wing detailing his Corvette addiction. I won a bottle of Adam's Detail spray about 3 years ago at a local car show and have been slowly transitioning since. Current stable (Weekend ride, work ride, wifey's family hauler): Current detail corner Already learned a lot poking around the forums here recently. Seems like a great community for a great product line.
  9. Thanks, yeah I wasn't sure if the waterless did any shine or not but it cuts bugs pretty nicely. I'll probably pick up some rinseless before the end of the nice weather this year. And being in PA you def. need to take the Hellcat down there. Dragon will be a bit tight for it but the Cherohala skyway would be a riot. We started going down there in 2012 and been back every year since.
  10. Hi all, new to the forum but slowly becoming a Adam's user after using just the detail spray for sometime. (Using buttery wax, wheel cleaner, under carriage spray, all purpose, and shampoo currently as I replace other brands) I bought a 16oz of waterless wash for our annual road trip to the tail of the dragon and worked great for touching up the car before going to detail spray. I ended up getting a gallon on the 20% chemical sale. However, with the release of the matte detail spray and recently reading about diluted Rinseless, what's the differences between these products? My weekend car (e36 m3) doesn't get dirty enough to be washed every week and looking for best option for dust and minor dirt cleanup before I hit it with detail spray for shine. Thanks
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