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  1. Wait what ? I thought the clinic was on the 2nd ? and I missed it
  2. I'm on the south end of town, so about 45 mins from HQ. we got about 8 inches in the low spots, and 20+ inch drifts. luckily my power only went out a few times. Now the dig out can begin, and with that, my cars will get dirty.. which will require some Adams love this weekend, when we are back to sun and 50s
  3. I decided to pop a spray nozzle on some BG, and clean my eye glasses.. man does it work well !!
  4. I also had a debit card I used on the site, get hacked.. bank caught it really fast, and issued me a new card and refunds within minutes. There was a fairly long post about this on the Adams FB group. Seems like alot of people got hit after black friday.
  5. Still can't believe yo got there that early Tim, but it was good to meet you ( Pete, with the orange drip hoodie ) I picked up 2 sets of the limited's, so i could actually use them. new H20, spray wax, and tire armor. I put some pics up on IG yesterday @5280detailing but that was just of wash with the limited's. I'll be getting to using the H20, and tire armor today.
  6. i'll be there tomorrow morning as well. probably wearing my orange drip hoodie. I have this fear that there is going to be a line down the block
  7. I think the store will be open at 8, so if breakfast is involved, we should plan on meeting before. I'm wondering if they will have any black friday deals in stotre only. I have a feeling they will be dropping the new black friday line, before the actual day
  8. a little late with this, but the store WILL be open on Black Friday
  9. I'm in ! VI or Santiagos would be good, For those not here i'll pickup stuff for you.. but who knows what it would cost to ship ? might be better off just ordering direct
  10. TimeHater24

    SEMA 2018

    Good catch on the date inside the link, I read right over it
  11. TimeHater24

    SEMA 2018

    Found these images on the SEMA page https://www.sema.org/sema-news/2018/07/restyling-car-care-products Pro line
  12. TimeHater24

    SEMA 2018

    If anyone on here is lucky enough to go, post up some pics ! ( of the new products from adams )
  13. The label should be of a guy/girl sitting at a computer, placing an order for a mystery box
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