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  1. Welcome Chris - you will learn a lot here!
  2. Welcome Matt
  3. Overall I do like the new website. The only thing I miss is the Wishlist....I used to use this a lot so I wouldnt forget to order something I needed. Helps us old folks remember
  4. and if you're like me - you put it on both sides because you will forget and just move it without looking.....😖
  5. Juan, It depends on 2 things : Size of Vehicle(s) and your height With my Morris I can do everything without use of a step stool (!'m 5'11") but, with my Chevy I need this - I bought one before Adam's had them but it appears to be similar but mine is not quite as nice. . I personally love it as i can move back and forth - I used a small one before and kept having to move it - now I dont have to do that.
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