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  6. I just purchased a 1952 Chevy and the paint is original. It is in great shape but it needs polished. I have never worked on a car that was not Clear Coat and the previous owner "thinks" it is a lacquer paint (it may have been repainted at some time) It only has 86K original miles and was garage kept so me thinks it may be the original finish. Please advise as to the steps you professionals would take to make it SHINE!
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    New guy from Indiana

    A man of few words! Welcome Todd!
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    Need Advice

    I have used BleachWhite in the past to clean but was wondering if Tire Armor would add that extra level of protection and it would be nice if TRC cleaned the entire sidewall. I guess I could try it on the spare and see, or go down to the local tire store and so a test clean🙄
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    Need Advice

    One other question folks - I havent worked with Whitewall tires in a very long time. Would TRC and TA also work on the whitewalls? I am thinking that they would but I didnt want to mess them up.
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    Need Advice

    I plan on using BG and Americana but it does have some swirls and small scratches that I wanted to work on first. After all it is black and everything shows. Ill probably need a gallon of BG just for all the chrome😂
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    Welcome Paul, the vehicle does look good!
  14. Thank you Adam! I have only been a user/member for a year and thoroughly enjoy the products and the forum but this policy/stand was overdue. Keep up the good work. Shine on!
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    Welcome Mark! HGG is great, I love to use it especially at this time of year
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