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  1. Definitely looks different. Maybe with the spray nozzle on it the air got to it?
  2. imatt27

    Doubting Eco Wheel Cleaner

    I use eco wheel on my ceramic coated wheels. And wheel cleaner for my daily. I don’t want to use a stronger formula on my nice wheels because I don’t want to chance ruining the finish. And it barley gets driven. I’m willing to use soap and water if needed to clean them.
  3. I bought a cheap black and decker cordless leaf blower. Not much power but it gets the job done for the price.
  4. imatt27

    Orange Blower Question

    I just ordered one and although the air pressure is great it seems that using a leaf blower is better for getting the majority of the water off the car. The sidekick is better for all the small cracks since it’s more focused air.
  5. imatt27

    Addicted to MF Towels

    I have a lot that are still unopened... but not that many! Nice stash!
  6. I was told no lint sheets. I hang dry my towels.
  7. 😂😂😂 fail. That’s what I get for typing in a hurry!
  8. I had an issue with this. I coated my wheels before I got tires and they shop could not get the weights to stick. They ended up having to use assatone on the inside and remove it. So I would recommend doing the face of the wheel and then the drum afterwards.
  9. imatt27

    New From ND

    Welcome to the forums Susan!
  10. imatt27

    Good Evening from Scotland

    Welocme to the forums Ross!
  11. Good info. I’ve been considering doing some detailing jobs on the weekends. But my fear is I’ll take to long on a job and end up working for free.
  12. I have a black car. And so far I’ve used buttery, Americana, and ceramic wax. And my favorite overall has been the Americana. For ease of use and shine. I think the ceramic lasted longer but was harder to remove. And I had a very difficult time with the buttery wax.
  13. imatt27

    Items I have for trade

    Bump. Items left are: cars and coffee usa shampoo pumpkin ID vossen ceramic boost 1.0 eco apc buttery wax
  14. imatt27

    Cars & Coffee DS!!!

    My favorite sent so far is the 4th of July bottles. Cars and coffee smells like hot chocolate to me lol
  15. imatt27

    Old CG user converted!

    Welcome! Sweet TA. I miss mine