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  1. I used tire armor this weekend and so far I’m pretty impressed. I only used 1 coat since it was on my daily driver ( my test subject for all new products 😂) but it looks awesome and still has shine after a week of driving. Will be adding some to the Corvette after the holidays are over 👍🏼
  2. Took this this motafter applying some glass boost the night before 😄
  3. Like the title says... looking for an illest bottle. I have a st paddy’s day or a bunch of other regular products. Thanks!
  4. I’m not a huge fan of the tire shine. It’s the only adams product I’m not hooked on. Looking forward to the tire armor.
  5. It smells like pineapple!
  6. It came from Canada ?? And good news!! It’s here! That was fast lol
  7. I just got a message from her this morning saying they were shipped on Monday. And should be here in a week or 2! ?
  8. Messaged her today. She said they boxed it up yesterday and will be shipping out by the end of the week. ?
  9. Will do! I’m trying to not be pushy and keep bothering them. But I’ll send another message today.
  10. That’s what I was thinking. I asked for a tracking number too and they said they would send it as soon as they shipped it. Still nothing.
  11. Happy birthday @wildcatz80 hope you had a great day! The cake your wife got you was awesome!!
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