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  1. imatt27

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    I need to send mine in!!
  2. imatt27

    Hi from SoCal

    Welcome! Any pics of the ride?
  3. imatt27

    Items I have for trade

    All chemical guys stuff is gone 😂 the BG is also gone. I’ve added an illest, st paddy’s day to the list of possible trades.
  4. imatt27

    Adam’s Waxes

    I’m interested in the new patriot wax. Is there anything else you are looking for?
  5. imatt27

    Adam Pitale Podcast

    I listened to this when you posted it on IG. Great listen and you an tell he is extremely passionate about what he does and the product he sells. Also cool to hear how he got up and running in the detailing business.
  6. imatt27


    Welcome! Sweet ride!!
  7. imatt27

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Washed and used H20 Guard and Gloss on the daily today. She’s looking good!
  8. imatt27

    Can anyone tell me what this was?

    I wonder what it was? If they had a DS, ID, and TS
  9. imatt27

    Limited Edition Products

    Here is a few of mine. Got quite a few more on the way!
  10. imatt27

    Glass Sealant

  11. imatt27

    Can anyone tell me what this was?

    I was going to ask this as well. You always see the red, black and blue bottles. But I’ve never seen anyone else with the green bottle. What is it?
  12. imatt27

    Adams Thule backpack

    Ill send you a PM
  13. imatt27

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Nice work! Looks much better
  14. imatt27

    Adams Thule backpack

    Any interest in an adams Thule backpack? I probably won’t use it, figured I’d see if someone wanted to trade. Will post pics tomorrow if there is any interest.
  15. imatt27

    Am I being too OCD or what

    Looks damn good to me! lol I think she is ready for ceramic coating! 😈