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  1. imatt27

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Took this this motafter applying some glass boost the night before 😄
  2. Like the title says... looking for an illest bottle. I have a st paddy’s day or a bunch of other regular products. Thanks!
  3. imatt27

    Issue with tire shine

    I’m not a huge fan of the tire shine. It’s the only adams product I’m not hooked on. Looking forward to the tire armor.
  4. imatt27

    I won!

    It smells like pineapple!
  5. imatt27

    I won!

    It came from Canada ?? And good news!! It’s here! That was fast lol
  6. imatt27

    I won!

    I just got a message from her this morning saying they were shipped on Monday. And should be here in a week or 2! ?
  7. imatt27

    I won!

    Nope! Still no word ?
  8. imatt27

    Spotted In The Hotel Parking Lot This Morning

    So awesome!! I want one
  9. imatt27

    I won!

    Messaged her today. She said they boxed it up yesterday and will be shipping out by the end of the week. ?
  10. imatt27

    I won!

    Will do! I’m trying to not be pushy and keep bothering them. But I’ll send another message today.
  11. Awesome video! I really enjoy the water cooler videos! ??
  12. imatt27

    I won!

    That’s what I was thinking. I asked for a tracking number too and they said they would send it as soon as they shipped it. Still nothing.
  13. imatt27

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday @wildcatz80 hope you had a great day! The cake your wife got you was awesome!!
  14. Agreed! I love the smell of the H20
  15. imatt27

    I won!

    Nope not yet. I messaged them about a week ago and they said they haven’t even shipped it yet. ?