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  1. I purposely bought my son a manual transmission for his first car, and my younger son will drive the same when he starts driving. I want them to know how, and I feel like it forces them to be more engaged in driving, therefore less likely to text, etc... and/or become complacent.
  2. I don’t think you’ll find it available as a “part”, you’d probably just have to get a screen protector an aftermarket screen protector for that vehicle, or maybe you could order one custom made to fit you screen. Here’s a video of a guy fixing the display on his Sony camera. https://youtu.be/IdoDaZsCeds
  3. That “old plastic cover” is the factory installed anti-glare coating, which is basically a factory installed “anti-glare” screen protector. It’s not designed to be replaced by the customer, but it probably can be. It would require removing the unit from the vehicle and possibly some disassembly (remove a bezel or something), to access a corner of the “cover” and peel it off. The biggest issue would be finding a replacement “screen protector” to fit.
  4. I think the back cover of that phone is glass & obviously the screen is. Maybe glass sealant? It's much cheaper.
  5. Very cool time lapse, thanks for sharing, and the car looks great! Wow, 9 Yr. Coating! Just out of curiosity... from a customer prospective, what's the cost difference to have a long life coating such as this installed vs. a lesser (or consumer grade) product like Adams. Seems like the work involved is very similar (if not identical), so is the cost of the product dramatically different, and if not, why would anyone opt for a lesser option?
  6. The logic of layering discussed in this article is what made most since to me (“most durable product should always be used as the base”), but then I saw a video in which Adam mentions putting down BG then PS... so that’s why I asked the question about how it effects the longevity of the PS. Anyway, I went with the BG then PS, and topped it off with BW, and I’m thrilled with how great it looks. Plan to use detail spray as drying agent with each maintenance wash, and GG about every 4-6 washes. Maybe in the spring I’ll reverse it (PS then BG) and see if I notice a difference.
  7. Ya... it’s a daily (all my cars are), and the plan was to go with just PS, but I got a BG in a MB, so I figured I use it.
  8. Well I didn’t get before photos, but here’s some after shots. I didn’t do a complete detail (wheels, engine, etc...), just the paint. Although it looks incredible... it’s not a dramatic difference as it’s only a couple months old and didn’t have any notable swirl marks or scratches. Here’s what I did: Wash Iron Remover Clay Correcting Polish Finishing Polish Coating Prep Installed body side molding (seen in photos). Brilliant Glaze Paint Sealant Buttery Wax
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I think I’ll try the PS over BG (since I got some BG in my MB), and see how it works out. My plan is BG, PS, BW... and maintain with GG.
  10. Today I did a full paint correction on my wife’s new Highlander. Tomorrow, I’m going to apply PS, and was considering applying BG first. My question is, will applying BG then PS shorten the life expectancy of the PS?
  11. Why did you take a picture of yourself in the mirror? We wanta see the paint ?. LOL ? good work!
  12. I was also trying to decide if I should put a coating on my wife's new Highlander. I've decided to stick with paint sealant for now as I'm concerned about the work involved removing the coating if I were to screw it up. Plan is to do paint correction and sealant this Columbus Day weekend.
  13. Most stickers I acquire (from different brands/products) come just like that (bent, creased, etc...), they all look perfect once I stick-em to something.
  14. I understand it would give that feeling of being “clean”, but it’s not like they would sanitize them before packaging; and the manufacturing process isn’t exacly clean. The same potential of contamination exists prior to packaging.
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