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  1. Ok, I know it's winter time and this is the time you must let go a little. BUT I have a huge hard time about doing so. I come home on Friday night, foam cannon and do a very nice exterior wash, dry, windows and vacuum. Then by Sunday it rains. Then by Wednesday it snows. I can't win. I actually leave my truck in the garage and drive my wive's Jeep when I have to run around. But I'll have to go back to work Thursday and then my baby will be all dirty again. I just want a week or 2 I can keeper clean. Thats all I want.😞
  2. Ok Guys when is this going to be back in Stock?
  3. What's up everyone? I got some Cars and Coffee and man let me tell you it's a pure joy to work with. It works very very well and to top it off it smells amazing. I'm wondering if it smells better then it works as your taken by the scent and just enjoy the pleasure of using it.
  4. Hello all, I really like the Waterless wash Towels. I think they do a wonderful job and really keep the dirt away from your paint. They are a very nice size and depending on how dirty your vehicle is you can get a few uses out of them before they need to be washed. I have a Dodge Durango R/T which I keep spotless as much as possible and when I first ordered the Waterless wash I also got 2 towels. Well I use to use just Micro Fiber towels which work just fine but the Adams Waterless towels I feel do a much better job. I really like them and I plan on buying many more. Thanks guys keep up the great work.
  5. I like the Waterless Wash as well. It works exactly as intended and smells great doing so. If I had to say anything negative would be it would be nice if it also included a spray wax in it was well like the Maguire's product waterless wash and wax. Even without the spray wax it's still an awesome product. I'm not sure why they decided not to include a spray wax unless they want you do another round and spray wax your vehicle after the waterless wash.
  6. Dumb stuff here. But It might come out. Use Hot water and All Purpose cleaner 5 to 1 mix. Use a bit stiffer brush but not to stuff where you damage the seats which might be the case here. Once you clean off the black rubber marks let them air dry for a day then condition them.
  7. I want to get either a Charger or Challenger not sure which one as a Fun Toy. SRT is what I'm thinking or I might consider getting another Durango but the SRT this time. It was not available when I got the R/T which I got in July 12017.
  8. My Son Shot the Video of my Run. I think I have the Fastest R/T in the country Stock with a just a Drop in K&N. It's AWD and pretty loaded.
  9. Here is a shot from Atco Dragway Park in NJ where I ran Fully Stock except a Drop in K&N Air Filter a 14.1 @ 96mph.
  10. Thanks guys I'm looking forward to talking shop. I'm gonna start my next order soon.
  11. Thanks Iceman, I'm looking very forward to trying out the entire line. I'm gonna put together another order soon. I might get that starter bucket kit they sell, that looks to have a lot of stuff to mess around with. If detailing paid better I would still do it for a living. I love doing it , running buffers , and cleaning interiors especially leather seats. That is a product I'm really interested in trying out is the letter cleaner and conditioner. I go round and round and never find a product for leather I truly enjoy. I'm hoping Adam's is awesome, it gets great reviews.
  12. We got a bottle of that and my son is going to try it out on his Audi A4.My wheels don't require any wheel cleaner.
  13. Interesting. I'll have to let him know about that. We where going to try some headlight plastic cleaner to see if we could clear it up but maybe taking the unit out might be a better move. I'll have him contact his Audi dealer and see if a new screen protector is still available for such an old unit . Thanks man.
  14. I have a 2017 Durango R/T with 20 inch high gloss wheels. I do however keep them clean and never let them get nasty. I wash them with just soap and water as I don't allow for brake dust to ever build up especially on painted wheels. Once you get them clean you can wax them just like the paint of your car and then the dirt just falls off which makes them super easy to clean. I wax them once a month just like my paint and in between waxes I use spray wax after washing. They shine like no other , look incredible and make it so easy to maintain. To clean them in the condition your describing I would use a paint safe wheel cleaner.I'm new to Adam's but I'm sure they have a good quality wheel cleaner safe for painted wheels. Use a soft brush but allow the product to work. You don't want to scrub them as they do scratch very easy just like black paint on your car. I use a micro fiber towel to dry them as well as the tires after washing.
  15. My Son has a 2008 Audi A4 which is doing that on a smaller level. It's no where near that bad and doesn't appear to be a old plastic cover. It's like the top coat of the screen is wearing out. We are probably going to try a small area with Head light plastic cleaner and see if it helps or makes it worse. I'll have to report back if it works or not. I have seen this issue on many vehicles.
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