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  1. Interesting, we still have about a 3/4 bottle of it since we switched over to Car Shampoo. Do you recommend it over the Car Shampoo? If so we can get a gallon if it as it works great.
  2. Honestly they are all very good. We use Car Shampoo as our normal wash each week and also use it in a foam cannon. I really don't see the need for the other soaps. We have tried all of them and Ultra and Mega Foam is great stuff and seems to work great. But with Car Shampoo it's just a nice long lasting thigh soap that works every time with no complaints. The Wash and Wax works good but we have no desire to add protection in each wash. So this soap for us isn't necessary. We use all ceramics anyway so this has no use. But on a side not for those who are interested in it it wor
  3. I just gotta say that Cs3 is my favorite overall Detail product ever. I mean it's so useful in so many ways. It's a Waterless wash if you need to do some light cleanup and don't want to do a full wash. It can be used on all surfaces and it's excels at all of them. It can be used as a drying agent every so often. I don't like to use it every week but I totally would. I use it about once or twice a month depending. The water beads stay full strength for such a long time it's not necessary to keep applying. This stuff is excellent as a topper on your coating. I mean it gives one of if not t
  4. I think H20 is just to thick for that sprayer it comes with. I'll have to grab a 320 and try it out. Where do you buy your sprayers from?
  5. All good my friend. I'm moving all towards a all Adam's Polishes arsenal anyway. I just been over the years trying to navigate all the changes that have happened since I use to be a professional Detailer back in the late 80's early 90's. I use to use Rotary Buffers and just got a D/A Polisher for my Birthday in June. I figured that those 2 products where not water activated as they don't mention any of that in their specs. I usually use Detail spray as my drying agent but I might once in a while hit it with CS3 since this product is so good. I'm gonna pick up a gallon of it.
  6. Excellent information man thanks a lot. So the UV the only difference is the ability to see it with the UV light so you can make sure you coated correctly, I get that. I didn't think the CS3 was a drying agent but that makes sense. I also didn't think the Ceramic Boost was a drying agent but that is also makes some sense. Are they both water active? I know the H20 is and is a sealant with some ceramic prosperities, that product works very well. I also watched the entire video on Adam's Ceramic kit with the prep spray Boost and small bootle of actual Ceramic coating
  7. Hello all, OK I wanted to start a thread talking about all the rage right now in ceramic coating, not the professional coating but all these spray coating that hit the market. The First one I tried from Adams is the H20 guard and gloss. I found it to work amazingly well but didn't like how it sprayed, it was basically to thick. That product probably would have been better as a liquid wax and apply with a pad. Yesterday for a early Fathers day gift my Son got me CS3 16 oz size as I was washing my Durango yesterday and he gave me all my Adams gifts. I got a Shirt Air fresher , h
  8. Mantis

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    Thank you.
  9. I so agree, in person it damn near looks like a mirror and usually White doesn't do that.
  10. Mantis

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    Hello all, My son for my Birthday got me a Signed by Adam Adam's Polishes sign for the garage. How cool is that? Thanks Adam for signing it, it ROCKS!!!!
  11. Hello all, I've been thinking about paint protection after a compound and Polish, beautiful prepped paint and ready to be protected. There are so many options it's ver whelming. You got your usual Carnauba wax, then you have Sealants and now Ceramic waxes coating etc. I know the Coating is the best option and the most expensive but what about all these ceramic spray coatings, waxes vs sealants and carnauba waxes of yesterday ? Can a spray last as long or longer then a properly applied sealant? Is the cost worth it? Maybe cost isn't the biggest deal as some waxes can get pretty expen
  12. Welcome to the Forum.
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