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  1. thanks, this is true however it does have the sio2 in it and im figuring about 10% or so. However it works incredible as a standalone sealant. but warmer weather is here and i wanted to strip everything and clay so i figured that would remove it all anyway.
  2. Knowing that a true ceramic coating has to be removed by machine , how about the Ceramic Boost? Will a strip wash be strong enough to remove it seeing as its such a lesser amount of Sio2?
  3. Thank you everyone for the great answers , sorry i didn't realize these answers until now in April. Usually i dont do anything other that the CB after a wash ( Wash & Wax 7% Sio2) but for that day i tried it out to see how it would be and of course there was a killer gloss to it. But to save product i wont follow the CB with SW anymore.
  4. Lately ive really been liking the combination of washing with WW and then after drying using CB 2.0 as a standalone sealant on my non-coated paint. Question is should you put the SW down before the CB or vice versa? I always thought you top with wax but it seems now people are putting the wax down first and then sealing in. Anyones take on this? Thanks.
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