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  1. ive only tried the deluxe coffee and the almond cookie....i barely smelled the coffee one. the almond cookie smelled really good for a couple days and then really died off. like i said maybe its just me? but i felt the old style was more potent.
  2. whats up guys! i may be late to the party but recently i started using the deluxe air fresheners and was wondering if anyone else noticed that they dont have as strong of a smell as the original ones did? or is just me? i know they changed em to look nicer and they do but id rather them be cheaper and have a strong scent. just me? whats your guys take on em? ill prolly still buy em because im an air freshener hoarder but just curious to whats your take on em. thanks
  3. thank you! had our 2nd girl. we named her Kaylin. now its time to brainwash her into becoming a detailing fanatic! my 3 yr old already knows we dont make a mess in daddys car! lol the best is when she tries to guess the air freshener scents!😆
  4. sorry for late reply...was having trouble logging in and then i had a new baby! lol so from what im gathering from your post is that the only real difference is longevity....im prolly better off just sticking with CSC then...when should i apply another coat of CSC? ive been maintaining it with wash and coat, ceramic boost and it has a layer of ceramic paste wax on top of it lol still beading like woahhh! guess i should just wait til i notice the beading decreasing? thanks for advice!
  5. Hey what’s up guys I’m looking to remove my CSC and upgrade to the 9h coating. Will a simple strip wash do the job to remove it or do I have to wheel it out with a DA? Also has anyone else upgraded their ceramic to the 9h from CSC ? If so was it worth it? Did you notice any major differences? Should I not even bother? Lmk what you guys think! Thanks!
  6. so are the grey suede towels washable and reusable? or a 1 time use sorta thing?
  7. would you guys recommend using the grey microfiber applicator to apply ? what do you use to remove? in the video they use the plush microfiber towel but now they have the new suede microfiber towels that are suppose to be better for removal. anybody try those yet? what would you recommend. thanks
  8. luckily i work at a dealership and can wash it by hand in the wash bay! lol
  9. awesome advice guys! i appreciate it. i think im gonna go CSC w/ a topper of CPW and see how it goes. ill do maintenance washes with ceramic wash and every month or so hit it with ceramic boost. how long do you think it will last til i need to redo? im assuming that all depends on weather and other factors. i guess i can just keep an eye on how the water it beading off as judgement. thx again
  10. wow both look great. what do you think about doing CSC and then topping it with CPW? overkill? will it affect the hydrophobic properties? just asking cuz i already have the CPW on the way but really wanna try the CSC also! since i have 2 cars maybe ill try one on each and see what i like better.
  11. Wow that was super helpful! Thanks so much! So basically I should start with a coating such as the spray and then if I want additional protection I could use the ceramic paste wax or liquid wax correct? As far as maintaining you would recommend using the ceramic boost and the ceramic wash as well? How often would u recommend the boost? Can I use it as drying aid like I do with detail spray every wash? Sorry for all the questions I just don’t wanna mess this up lol
  12. Hey guys, I’m new to the whole ceramics game but I def wanna apply it to my cars. My question is what are the differences between the spray, paste wax and liquid versions? What situation would i use each in? Is the spray the base? Paste wax and liquid a topper? Just sorta confused about all the different options. Then what’s the general procedure for maintaining the coating? Just use boost every wash? How long til I have to strip it all down and reapply the whole application again? If I maintain with boost am I good forever? Thx for your help guys I appreciate it !
  13. so basically as long as the product contains SiO2 its fine to put over CPW...or any ceramic product for that matter. thats what im gathering from all my research. thx for ur help
  14. so would using HGG cause any every 4 weeks or so causing any ill effects on the CPW? im assuming no since they both have SiO2?
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