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  1. No s Nope got 7.5 more years lol my birthday 2028 well technically 4 days after my birthday I started April 7 2003.
  2. nice!, yeah I got to get me some of that lol
  3. Yup had a great time as usual great catching up with Dan and Darlene and Rich and Chris and and and lol Nice meeting Eric as well. I spent way to much for stuff I already had but forgot i had it lol .
  4. Sorry I am late but welcome from Somerset NJ
  5. Im not thinking I will be making this i really want to and see Adam again but just to much on the plate this weekend but you never know.
  6. I am going to try and make this myself I think i need to buy the polisher that I didnt at Grabiak lol oh and pads I guess ill be selling a low used flex lol
  7. Thanks again guys for another great time, great dinner and Ray you did it again hope i can make it next year too.
  8. I am hoping he is doing one here that would be nice.
  9. Yes sir I will be there I haven't had time to do much detailing but I wouldn't miss this. Besides I need to catch up on the new stuff as well.
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