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Detail Clinic and Filming Day at Mid America Motorworks

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This last weekend, Adam, Matt and myself had the pleasure of traveling to Mid America Motorworks in Effingham IL to complete a full day of video production and a day dedicated to an Adam's Polishes detail clinic.


What can I say about Mid America Motorworks?  Well, they were incredibly hospitable.  Mike Yager, the owner of Mid America Motorworks made us feel like family from the time we walked into his conference room.  What a great guy and that genuine warmth pours out of his team as well.  We were able to meet his wife and two sons who are all involved at M.A.M.  


Ed Baumgarten, Mid America Motorworks photographer was amazing.  Very professional and very very helpful.  He has an incredible studio for shooting amazing cars and had a lot of cool camera gear I was checking out (only problem was it is Nikon and I shoot Canon.  Not a big deal though).  He took a bunch of great shots and was always reminding Adam to keep the label towards him.  Ed's son Alex was also very helpful on the day we showed up.  He is the videographer for the company and also does some research and development for the company as well.  You could see his passion for getting a great shot, as he showed us around the different areas of the campus for shooting locations.  We definitely took his advice and got some great content.


Overall the experience was one of a kind.  We ate at only one restaurant the whole time we were there which was called "Firefly" and it was amazing food.  I was able to see actual fireflies which everyone in that area call "Lighting Bugs."  Also the catfish in the pond out back of the restaurant were crazy.  Check out the video of Matt feeding them to see the madness.


We look forward to getting back out there for Corvette Funfest this year.  We'll be putting on clinics and selling our product this year and you'll see almost the whole team.  Lookout for more announcements on Corvette Funfest and more about Adam's Polishes relationship with Mid America Motorworks here on the forum and other social media outlets.











































































































Crazy Catfish!!!


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beautiful car and great pics! any details on the C2? My dad had a 67 stingray black w/ blue stingray (1 of 3 in that color) with blue interior.

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All the cars are beautiful. Getting treated with nothing but the best.


My favorite would have to be the burnt orange Vette.

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The fish in the pond at the end of our road are like that, no matter when or where you drop that food in, its crazy. That Daytona Sunrise orange on the C7 is one of my favorites. Such a great color, great group of pictures.

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The very first photo of the beautiful blue vette! Can't beat a clean classic especially with the mirror like finish due to the adams treatment! All great pics but I love the emblem shot!

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This blue '64 was Bunkie Knudsen's special Corvette Design car, it is UNREAL in person!  White leather, painted wheels, custom bumpers, and a special color borrowed from the 1964 Cadillac lineup.


Read more here: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/tag/mike-yager/


I got a chance to take this beautiful Vette for a spin!   Thanks again to Mike Yager for that opportunity!

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I knew there was a reason I liked that '64! Its neat how GM did some one off or custom cars back then! The grill really sets it off. My favorite Mitchell design is still the 64 and 65 Riviera. In my opinion the best looking car GM ever produced. I would put the Stingray right up there with a 57 Bel Air. Love the classic GM designs. BTW nice pics and info guys!

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