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Full Adams for the GTI

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I have been detailing my cars for a long time, still a lot to learn, but have just started using Adams products this summer. I am beyond amazed as i continue to try new products from them, and just how much protection and shine Improvement it has provided my cars. This is the finished result from a recent wash where I used Revive Polish, Brilliant Glaze, then topped with some Buttery wax ( looking to switch to Americana or patriot later down the road). But have been blow away with the results.  Two weeks later and probably 600-700 miles still looked almost flawless. The next wash all the bugs and grime pretty much fell off the car with just the rinse in the beginning.  These products are truly amazing, can't wait to continue building up my arsenal.  

IMG_0736.thumb.JPG.d7b72ddc55351dffd0904a73d35d5446.JPGIMG_0733.thumb.JPG.465a47647d8eaf2c206919382354b346.JPG  IMG_0731.thumb.JPG.1cb580032980e822187655abb087fee7.JPG

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12 hours ago, rotary57 said:

That looks awesome! That's how the addiction starts, with one use of their products.

Thanks! Yeah it bit me good 

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1 hour ago, falcaineer said:

Nice work, Nick! B)


26 minutes ago, Mk6Guy said:

Great looking VW brother ??


1 hour ago, pirahnah3 said:

Nice job, good shine on her! 


Thanks guys!

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