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  1. I have 2 trade options to for all 4 of the Black Friday release items. Option 1: '17 PS interior + 2 chemicals of your choice and I cover shipping both ways. Option 2: Choose 7 chemicals of your choice (excludng '17 PS interior) and I cover shipping both ways.
  2. Thanks. The G&G 2.0 goes on smooth and only need very little. 1.5 sprays per half of car the was enough. I got to play with my new 1.4 gpm craftsman electric pressure washer.
  3. My new favorite scent is the G&G 2.0, followed by the Spray Wax. Did a simple wash today, with Ultra Shampoo, G&G 2.0, spray wax. I like the feel and shine to it.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to everyone who has been part of my life. To family, friends, those that I have crossed path with and those who have past. May you all know that I am grateful for for all those experiences.
  5. Thanksgiving prime rib roast. The family decided on Surf and turf this year.
  6. Here is Huckleberry at 10 weeks!
  7. Post a photo featuring one or more of the Adam's products you used for you during detailing. Let's see those artistic photos! I'll start, Huckleberry thought he should be in the photshoot.
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