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  1. Yeah, not sweating it. Only did this because I already planned doing the paint correction in the near future so the paint is going to be absolutely bare the next go around. Just gotta wait to get this GTR out of my garage so I have more room to polish my evo. On this go around i felt like bg before ps would be my best bet on making it look as great as it can be until i do the paint correction and I'm completely satisfied with the results.
  2. Many other people have done it, and I wanted to try it as well. It's only paint sealant and not ceramic coating. Adam's video also says it's ok to do. I know it wont last as long but I'm supplementing it with the h20 guatd and gloss. I also plan to do paint correction next month and if I have enough money ill get the ceramic coating kit to protect it. If not I'll do paint sealant on bare paint at that time. Reason why I did BG before PS is I have some minor swirling I was trying to fill in. This isnt a long term solution and people have already chimed in that it will last long enou
  3. What GT-R ??? Lol, just kidding. It's in the process of being turbo swapped, electronics updated, upgrade fuel system and ecu upgrade. Really wish it was mine but unfortunately not. It's my buddy and I'm lending him a garage spot while he gets it done. I really love how it looks right now. Dont think I'll need to add BG unless I go to a show or something. And thanks for advising me to get this H20 guard and gloss. I love it
  4. It's been around 2 weeks since I applied brilliant glaze and paint sealant on top of it. First wash since then, I've driven it through rain and 2 dirt roads. It's been raining every other day, so no chance to wash it. It cleared up today enough to wash it, and dry it. I was pretty impressed with the shine from BG and PS.l and didnt expect it could get much better than that. Well, long story short I pulled it in to the garage after the wash and dry and applied h20 guard and gloss and I'm blown away once again. It made the paint glossier than I could imagine and made the
  5. Oh man....Ouch...I'm planning on doing ceramic coating after I get a polisher and yeah, I was under the impression that nothing but a fresh flawless polished clear goes under CC.
  6. Probably wont be for awhile till I go to Denver again. Was only there to drop off and pick up my wife from the airport. Denver is an hour away so would be a waste just to go to Adam's polishes to save a little bit of money as I'd spend more in fuel. But think I'm gonna go next month to pick up the swirl killer. Maybe I'll just hold off on the sprayer bottle till I go for the swirl killer.? Think I could probably get a really good deal on everything in person. Got about 15 bucks off over what's on the website plus whatever shipping would be on just the detail spray and guard and glos
  7. That's why I bought another one. I used alot of my first bottle on the claybar and wish I hadn't. but I was in Denver so I thought why not just buy another bottle. They have about 9 more on the shelf. And If i remember correctly, I should only use the guard and gloss only every couple of weeks right? And from reading the bottle. It looks like a little goes a long way.
  8. Well guys, just for back from Denver. Stopped by Adam's again and picked up some more detail spray and some h20 guard and gloss. Couldn't help myself lol?‍♂️ My wife also told me she would get me a swirl killer for our anniversary next month ?
  9. So now that I actually took it out I am even more impressed, .....i'm on the way to pick up my wife at the airport Theres an added depth in the paint that I never knew existed and a gloss I never had. The paint was shiny before but not like this. And the headlights and tails ate popping now. The car just looks more high end to me now. .....i'm hooked
  10. Well, I ended up getting another applicator, washed, clayed, washed again, brilliant glazed, and then paint sealant. Very pleased with the results. I know it's not as good as if I polished the car, but I'll do that when I get a swirl killer. Its shining better than it was, and it already looked good before, but now it feels like glass.
  11. I really only want to use the BG first is for the filling properties, just to hold me off till I can buy a swirl killer to polish the paint.
  12. I dont. Seems like I'm in a bind lol. Well, might have to hold off on the process till I can order some more applicators. I messed up on that one and didnt even think of it.
  13. Have some microfibers from the oriellys part store. i know not the greatest but I'm slowly trying to convert to higher quality better stuff. I also have the edgeless microfibers and a great white drying towel which I got in my mystery bucket.
  14. Yes, they are very helpful at the showroom. Was beyond impressed and above any of my expectations. Looks like Adam's is going to be a permanent stop when I visit Denver. Now a question, so I didnt realize this until I got home and I should have known better, but do i absolutely need an applicator to apply the BG or PS because i only left with one. I can order another one from the site, but was wondering if it would be alright if I applied it with a microfiber towel since I completely forgot I needed 2 applicators. Also the paint sealant says to use a black applicator but cant find it an
  15. Ok guys, so just finished dropping my wife off at DIA and dropped by Adam's Polishes showroom. I am super impressed by their enthusiasm, helpfullness and customer support. I walked in and the guy behind the glass office walked out and greeted me, not sure who he was but I'm guessing someone higher up, then he he went out of his way and went to the back to make sure someone was there to help me. He greeted me, asked what I needed help with and i just told him I was looking to get some BG and some PS, he said no problem and even threw in a free red hex applicator, and then I noticed that they ha
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