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  1. Nice. I have a '68 as well. Can't get enough of these Pontiacs.
  2. Chris - Took your advice and stayed away from edges for now. I will be getting a Nano polisher when they are back in stock to do a little more precise detail work around the decals. Hopefully that is available for purchase again soon.
  3. All of the white specs are either from the polishing towel or a small amount of dust that was in the air due to some work being done in the area. I didn't do very much more because of the dust in the air and will go back to do a lot more within the next week or so. I couldn't be happier with the results, especially since I only went over each area one time.
  4. *** 12/23/2019 Update Spent a few minutes with a buddy's 15mm SK (blue pad) and some Adam's Compound. This was just one pass on a few areas. I WILL absolutely be buying the SK soon and already have my email on notify for the Nano Polisher. Test area on hood, before: Same spot, after: Roof before: Roof after: Front fender, before: Front fender, after Rear quarter, only have after shots but can compare to trunk:
  5. That is owned by a buddy of mine I rent space from. He has quite a few antique tractors and equipment.
  6. I purchased an '81 Turbo Trans Am SE last week that had been sitting for 13 years in a barn. I'm part way through the clean up phase and I thought I would make a thread to post updates. This is what it looked like when I picked it up last week. I carefully sprayed off the loose stuff on low pressure at the car wash. This is what was left after spraying it off: I soaked the car down with Adam's blue car shampoo in my new foam cannon. I don't have a pic of the car soaking as I was having trouble with my phone and the black car sitting in the sun was starting to dry. So, after wash shots.... Next up is compound and possibly polish with the swirl killer. I'm hoping it can take out these flaws: I'll post more updates as I work on it but will probably be after the holidays. Thanks for following.
  7. I hope so. I see that my order from Adam's is listed as "Fulfilled" but I don't have shipment notification yet so I'm not sure I'll get to take advantage of the "nice" weather this weekend. I will post progress pics as I go along.
  8. The white one beside it is mine and is a long term project. This pic is from my temporary shop. I also have an '81 white Daytona Pace Car that is at paint right now. I may have an addiction to these early 80's Turbo TA's.
  9. Hello from Central IL. New member with a hell of a project on my hands. I have been wanting to make the leap to a better quality product for a while and had a few Adam's products from when I was on the LS1GTO page many years ago. I recently purchased this 1981 Turbo Trans Am SE that had been sitting in a barn for 13 years untouched. Yes, I know the first pic is at a commercial car wash but I only used it (at very low pressure mind you) to get the majority of the loose stuff off. As you can see from the last two pictures I still have quite a bit of work to do. It appears that the paint is pretty good and the car only has about 55,000 miles on it and was very well taken car of. I have a foam cannon and an assortment of products coming sometime in the next week and will do what I can when the weather allows. For now I am focusing on mechanical stuff but the weather is supposed to be near 50* later in the week and the weekend so hopefully I will have time to give it a good soaking and cleaning and we'll see what we have. First daylight in 13 years... After a mild rinse...
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