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remember your discount code!


pretty much that kit is a great starter kit, it has everything you need. it will be good for a while, until you start buying by the gallons(for me it was about 5 details later with my big truck haha). im sure you will figure out what else you might need and get separates but that kit the all around kit for what you need.


i kinda went backwards and bought a couple smaller kits for what i thought i needed and just recently bought some gallons of stuff. so im about up to 3/4 that price spent and have about 1/2 the things in the kit(no machine/machine polishing stuff, americana, leather cleaner, bucket, or glass towel)

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Ok so here is the damage so far:


1 Premium Detailing Kit

1 Wheel and Undercarriage Kit

2 Bucket Caddies

1 Blaster Sidekick

1 Premium Foam Gun Kit

2 Extra Microfiber Pads

1 Clay Bar and Detail Spray Combo


Oy! There goes another $1000.00 into this beast

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It seems like a lot now, but it will be well worth the investment when you shine your ride for the first time. Plus, if you follow Junkman's videos you will see that Adam's goes a long way.


:iagree:Exactly. I got it all piecemeal and it is more economical to get the big kits. The other thing is that at this early stage of newness, you can get your paint corrected, and then with proper wash and dry techniques, you won't have to correct it again for quite a while. 2 buckets, 2 pads, 2 grit guards, foam gun.


Great looking Shelby! Welcome to the asylum! :willy:

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If you can, get yourself some Brilliant Glaze. It is amazing on black, and I hear the same about solid red.


+1! I was really doubting the usefulness of the brilliant glaze when I first got it because the weather wasn't cooperating so I couldn't see my car outside (she lives in the garage because I ride my bicycle to campus), but now that I got it on (along with Americana!) she looks fantastic. Check out my thread -

http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8231&page=2 (page 2 is with BG, page 1 just Americana)


Anyway, :welcome: and what a terrific ride! :glasses:

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Update on my addiction.... LOL


1st order = $990.60 on 9/20/10

2nd order = $132.70 on 9/22/10

3rd order = $302.50 on 9/27/10


Soon to be another order one the microfiber towels come back in stock!!!!


Decided to wash the car this past weekend... all I can say is holy sh*t this stuff is beyond awesome! :drool::drool::drool: I cant believe how much different the shine is compared to other soaps I've used. My neighbor stopped by and was asking all sorts of questions about my Adam's supplies. I think I may have recruited another member! LOL

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