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2Day detail with Flex and PC



(Wanna talk about swirls,:willy:)


One of my customer's wanted a full paint correction package done this weekend so I thought I would post a few shots with my new Digital Camera.

This car needed full correction done after 6 years of neglect.

Interior took 8hrs and the exterior took another 12.

I used my Flex with (non-Adams) pads for large area's and my PC for the a,b pillars.

I left a piece of detailer's tape on one of the quarter fenders to show the customer before and after (I corrected the swirls/scratches after pic's were taken).The customer didn't realize just how BAD the finish was!

Needless to say I have another regular client to add to the list 4_1_6.gif







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The afters look great! Any pics before and after on the interior?:)


I keep trying to post pic's but I keep getting this message:


Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.


If this occurred unexpectedly, please
and describe the action you performed before you received this error.

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Very nice turn around. I require the people I do work for to not wash their cars with SOS pads.



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Thank You.

There are alot of people out there that don't know the proper way to wash their vehicle's.

We all started somewhere.

I think the severity of the correction's prior condition made the customer that much more appreciative.;)

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