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simple wash and wax prep for winter



So today was chilly, but it was sunny. decided to wash and wax the truck. it has quite a bit of swirls and water spots, but that i will have to take care of in the spring. makes no sense to do it now since its only going to get destroyed in the winter by brushes and snow rakes. so heres some pictures of the damage it has now.(roof pictures)


all adams products were used in this, and these pics are after the 2 bucket wash system with the jumbo pad, fire hose nozzle, and adams car shampoo(even clayed 2 months ago, see the water spots, swirls, and that one scratch on there probably from the cali blade? yeah it makes me cringe):




this is after 1 full coat of wax and a second on the front and lower areas(this is the edge of the hood, looks like buttery wax did a good job of masking the horror, or at least the camera angle because i still saw swirls. couple rock chips in the picture as well):




here is a couple pictures of it, started getting dark out ill get some tomorrow where there is sun:









what i used from start to finish:

-used waterless wash on the front end and a bug scrubber to get the bugs off

-sprayed down the truck

-washed with car shampoo using the 2 bucket system

-used a "pooling" technique with just low pressure from the fireman's nozzle

-dried with big MF towels

-cleaned inner fenders and tires with APC and a brush

-used GWC on wheels with a brush

-used buttery wax on the whole truck after priming pad with detail spray

-removed with 1 super soft MF towel lightly sprayed with detail spray and finished with another super soft MF towel

-repeated process on hood, front end, lower door areas below the molding


-waxed the wheels and tail pipe tips with buttery wax

-applied UCS to wheel wells

-applied VRT to trim, moldings, handles, and tires with block applicator and lightly went over with MF

-cleaned areas on glass/paint that had VRT on them with Glass cleaner and detail spray

-cleaned windows with paper towels and glass cleaner


all i had time for or i would of spent a little more time on it getting in to specific areas that need help.


i have all kinds of swirls, dents, rock chips, scratches, oxidation pitting that need a full restoration next spring with dawn wash and buffer of SHR. hopefully there will be some xmas deals where i can pick up a foam gun, americana, SHR and pads, brilliant glaze, MSW, and metal polish (i think thats it, dont really think i need a PC since i have a buffer). dad helped me out today since i got a wicked cold so that was nice. i will take more pics if i get a chance tomorrow, enjoy!

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adam i watched yours and junkman's vids quite a few times to make sure i had a couple techniques to use. for example not washing the truck off until i washed the whole thing, after each body panel waxed, take it off, 2 bucket system, your VRT technique. top notch stuff you have come out with, even IF i dont have your high quality stuff.

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i have a question, would it be wise to use VRT or In&Out on my tonneau cover? its kinda faded. only reason i consider In&out is maybe, like why people use it for floor mats, so its not as "slippery" so to speak. what do yall think?

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so...i must be doing something wrong in the application of the VRT. i just got back from going to lunch and from the mirrors and handles, theres a couple streaks where it came off. i used only a little dab on them, just enough to make sure the parts were fully covered with the foam block applicator and then went around with detail spray and a MF around them where i had excess on the paint and then on the dry parts of the MF i wiped the pieces incase i had any blotches. what could i be doing wrong since this stuff isnt suppose to run?

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Also..make sure you have all the water blown out of the mirrors and moldings along the door/window track. I noticed if there's still water there and you try the VRT it'll run. So maybe you had some moisture in those cracks before.

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eh could of been but the rig was sitting in the sun drying off after the wash. VRT was applied a few hours later.



just got back from using a bit of DS and the soft MF. went to the back of my truck where i keep my crate, SOMEONE STOLE ALL MY DANG TOWELS IM SUPER PISSED! i mean come on who the heck steals towels?


cleaned up the runs even though it was sprinkling out, and ran over the handles/mirrors, rear bumper/handle/ rubber tailgate guard, and window trim. that works SO much better than walmart bought MF small towels.

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