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Thanks to Adams Polishes and Jason@Adams


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SoCal3g.com would like to send a formal Thank You to Adams Polishes and Jason. SoCal3g.com members attended a detail clinic a few months back hosted by Jason at the Adams warehouse. We were taught the fine art of detailing using Adams products. As you all know the stuff is good. Since then our club has hosted mini clinics in our own garages to teach those within our club the knowledge that was shared with us.


Using the knowledge obtained at the clinic helped SoCal3g.com to take home 3 out of 4 trophies in the all eclipse category @ the Toys for Tots Charity Car Show this past weekend at the California Speedway in Fontana. As well as the Best of Show for the 350z category. Every one of our cars at the show used Adams products. The greatest moment was when I saw a lady sniff 2 of our cars, and say "They all smell the same". "They smell good". Of corse I walked over and gave her a 4oz bottle of detail spray. (I always have one in my glove box.)


So thank you Adams Polishes and Jason, for helping SoCal3g.com have the best looking 3rd Generations Mitsubishi Eclipse's on the road.





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this thread wasn't about us winning. It was about adams products helping us to victory. and the appreciation that we as a club have for this product, and company. i know it sounds cheesy but when people not only look at your car but sniff it to, you know you got something good going on. thats my new pick up line. "Hey baby you want to sniff my car?" :lol:

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All of us who have won trophies at car shows can relate to your experience. When you win best of show out of 335 cars of all makes and models, there has to be some reason. And the best reason I can come up with is the clean, deep, wet shine you only get from Adam's quality products.

Congratulations on discovering Adam's. Spread the word!! :cheers:

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