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Review: Adams Lug Nut/Detail Brush



I received my Adams Lug/Detail brush last week and I have used it quit a bit already. This is a tool that once you have one, you will use it A LOT! I had previously used a Swissvax lug brush, but I was never quit satisfied with it, it had the same failure problems over and over. The Ferrule on the Swissvax is plastic and breaks easily. Also, like most brushes, it would constantly shed its fibers and would start to deteriorate over time.


My first thoughts, it was much bigger than I expected. The handle and the bristles are larger/longer than any other brush I have ever used.



The bristles/handle are glued in with a load of epoxy, this ensures that you will not shed any bristles and it will be highly resistant to various chemicals



The bristles are made with Natural Boars Hair, this allows the brush to be used even on delicate surfaces without the fear of scratching the surface. There is a ridiculous amount of 'bristles' in this brush. They are packed in there extremely tight which makes it extremely dense.



The handle is very comfortable and easy to hold on to. It is contoured and it can be held with various grips depending where you are using it and how you need to hold it.



The length of the bristles and handle make it extremely easy and convenient to reach into areas where you could previously not reach or would scrape your knuckles getting to



I prefer to use this brush to clean the entire wheel. The problem I have with other wheel brushes or sponges is that you miss the tight areas of the wheel, which causes you to go back a second time to get the spots you missed. Again, the bristles on this brush are extremely dense and you can apply plenty of pressure to get aggressive and remove stubborn dirt/grime without having the bristles collapse in on themselves.



There is no sponge or mitt that will effectively clean 'tight' areas. If these areas are missed, they will completely stick out and take away from the overall clean look of the vehicle.












This is THE BEST Lug/Detail brush you will ever use. It is $24.95 which seems a little pricey compared to the Swissvax brush which is $13. But, this brush is far superior to any competitor. I went through (broke) 2 Swissvax brushes this year and 2 last year. This brush will pays for itself in quality alone, but take into account the years of service I will get out of this one brush and it is a great investment.



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Great review Matt! Great photos as well...Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to do this! Also, I completely understand the thought behind a high price, and it's true.


The brush is expensive, as it's a USA made, in low quantities, high-bristle count brush set in an epoxy that keeps it from loosing the bristles. We didn't set out to offer a cheap brush, and I understand that will cost us some sales, unfortunately.


We are looking at having these made in higher quantities to get the price down...tough to do this time of year, as we are a small outfit! As it is, we realize just under a $3 net profit on the new brush.


Thanks for such an excellent pictorial review, and writeup Matt. You just earned a $25 gift certificate, now your brush was free! :banana:


Shoot me an email and we'll get you the GC.



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We are looking at having these made in higher quantities to get the price down...tough to do this time of year, as we are a small outfit! As it is, we realize just under a $3 net profit on the new brush.


Adam, I have a ton of uses for these (some not even for cars), if you were able to get them in high quantities to get the price down do you think you could sell them in like a 3 pack like the I&O Spray?

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Matt you beat me too it!


I used mine yesterday for the first time. I originally thought that it would be too large (fat) to work well on the lug nuts, but it fit around the lugs fine. The bristles that didn't fit inside the lug nut area swept the outside of the wheel.


I also have the SwissVax brush and this brush is much more comfortable to use, as the handle is thicker and tapered. As Matt did, I used this brush extensively on the paint, something I was hesitant to do with the SV brush.


Great brush, and it should outlast several SV brushes, so the value is there too.

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