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Engine bay update


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Excuse the power steering reservoir because I'm still undecided whether to buy a polished one or just get a stock replacement. Added GMS coilpack covers and polished a little more.













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Thanks everyone, sorry I didn't post any pics of the car but it hasn't been washed this year. It's a Pontiac GTO or Holden :thumbsup:


Wow! That is impressive... very clean. Any tips on how to get an engine looking like that? I've neglected my engine bay for far too long, so need to do some washing/detailing.




Bring it to me ;)


I clean the engine bay first then move on to the rest of the car. So the bay can dryout some while I'm doing everything else.


APC - Depending on how bad you might not want to dilute it.

DS - Get it all purdy up and smelling good.

VRT - Get some various sizes of foam brushes try Lowes or HD in painting area for some cheapos. They work great on getting in the tight spaces, nooks, and crannies. They break easy though.

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